Saturday:) Some Scary Zombie Brownies

23 Oct

“Cooking and baking is so much more fun when you are a silly, experimenting , no measuring, no rules or recipes kinda gal!”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I was trying to think of something fun and silly for my Halloween baking. I researched and googled and really didn’t see anything easy. So, I decided to just walk through the candy aisles at Kroger for inspiration. I was looking for eye balls, skeletons, witches, zombies or something cool for ideas. They used to have Peeps with ghosts or Frankenstein. When I looked if they made them, I saw they had some at other stores, BUT.. they were only 3 in a package for $1. What? That would be a fortune just for the Peeps. I like to bake on a shoestring and a prayer, especially since I like to bake a LOT and give it all away.

Just when I was about to give up, I saw that KitKats came in green with a little witch on the package. Hmm? I could get two green sticks per pack. And even more if I cut them in half. ZOMBIES! Yes, I’ll try to make some zombies 🧟‍♂️ and put on top of my world famous brownies.

I separated the sticks, cut them in half again, and used some mini chocolate chips for the eyes.
If I wasn’t making so many, I would have left the stick whole. I used melted white chocolate to attach the eyes, then put in the fridge a few minutes to set. I cut some large marshmallow in half with scissors for a base, also the sticky side up helped the zombie stick with a little knife slit and a little white chocolate to stand.
I melted some white vanilla candy coating to drizzle the white bandages all over the zombies. I think next time I’ll avoid the eyes. This was all an experiment, a work in progress.
I put a little slit in the center of the marshmallow, added a dab of the melted candy coating and pushed into the middle. I put them in the fridge a few minutes to set. Then, a dab on the bottom of the marshmallow to put on the brownie.
I put the brownie square in a cupcake paper for easier handling. So, for next time… I’ll keep the sticks whole and taller and avoid the eyes with the white drizzle. well, at least they tasted great. I hope my firemen like them. I know my friends did.

Well, I’ll keep experimenting. Suggestions always welcome.

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