Sunday Sermon and Some Halloween Fun

1 Nov

“Do you wish to be free? Then above all things, love God, love your neighbor, love one another, love the common weal; then you will have true liberty.”

~Girolamo Savonarola


A beautiful Sunday morning. My alarm went off at 7 am and it was still really dark. I pressed the snooze, but decided to get up anyway. I needed to go check on Miss Kathy’s cats before church, trying to scoot out the door by 8:15. I like to get to St. Gabriel early enough to light a candle and meet the Chateau Senior Living bus. Mission accomplished.

Today’s Gospel is one of my favorites because it simplifies all of God’s Commandments. Love God and love your neighbor. What more can you ask for?

Gospel, Mark 12:28-34

28 One of the scribes who had listened to them debating appreciated that Jesus had given a good answer and put a further question to him, ‘Which is the first of all the commandments?’29 Jesus replied, ‘This is the first: Listen, Israel, the Lord our God is the one, only Lord,30 and you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength.31 The second is this: You must love your neighbour as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.’32 The scribe said to him, ‘Well spoken, Master; what you have said is true, that he is one and there is no other.33 To love him with all your heart, with all your understanding and strength, and to love your neighbour as yourself, this is far more important than any burnt offering or sacrifice.’34 Jesus, seeing how wisely he had spoken, said, ‘You are not far from the kingdom of God.’ And after that no one dared to question him any more.

My take on it… If you love God and respect Him, it’s pretty obvious that you will love and respect your neighbor. But, just in case you missed that memo, it’s in the Ten Commandments. Also, He says love your neighbor as thyself. Well, sometimes we don’t love ourselves enough, so love your neighbor even more, like YOU would like to be loved.


A few stops after Mass, McD for coffee, then the grocery store. Flour was on sale. Holidays coming up. I was surprised that pretty much ALL the Halloween candy shelves were empty. I have plenty, but I worried that it’s such a lovely day that we’d get a lot of trick or treaters tonight.

I’m sitting outside on my front porch now. The kids didn’t start coming till 6:30. I guess there’s an unwritten rule that they don’t start till it gets dark. It’s a beautiful night. I’m wearing my sock monkey hat. (I’m kinda scary looking, too.)

First, a picture of the family back in Chicago getting ready for their adventures.

My “Super” Family!
My first scary visitors.
Pretty princesses and scary deadly dudes.

I may be out here a while, maybe not. Who knows? A lot of the kids went to church parties and other organized activities. So, I’ll sit here a while and see. Oh… I decided to play “THRILLER” while I’m sitting here. Cool!!!!


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