Wednesday:) What’s Happenin’ Around McKinney

11 Nov

“Trying new things is the only way you’re going to learn what your passions are.” – Lauren Skonieczny


Yesterday, I received an early morning call from my good friend Thelma…AKA Sherri Murphy. Well, it wasn’t really early. It was 10am, but that’s early for me, still in my jammies. She said she knew it was Taco Tuesday, my standing lunch day with Helene, but she wondered if I’d like to go with her over to The Mill House Lunch Bunch Series and speaker presentation at 11:30. We could catch up with Helene for lunch later. Hmm? I wasn’t familiar with that series. I’ve kind of been out of the loop and art scene since, 2020 B.C. (Before Covid.) (feel free to borrow the B.C. analogy.)

Sherri explained that a very talented local photographer, Erin Brown, was going to give a photographic presentation of her trips to Iraq and Kurdistan. It sounded pretty interesting…

Join us as MillHouse Studio Photographer Erin Brown shares her photographic journey through Iraq and Kurdistan.
Erin is friends with humanitarian Heather Mercer, one of 24 aid workers arrested in August 2001 by the Taliban in Afghanistan in connection with their work with the Germany-based Christian aid organization Shelter Now International. She has now founded the Freedom Center in Iraq, a center for education, professional opportunity, social connection, and ultimately, an enduring hope.
Erin Brown has been on two trips with Heather as she began the founding of the Freedom Center. As a photographer, Erin captured the spirit and hope of the people along the way. Join us as she shares her journey.
Lunch Bunch Speaker Series is an informal conversation around topics of interest to members and nonmembers. Lunch is not provided, but you are welcome to bring your own.
All are welcome. The event is free.

We arrived at The MillHouse over on the east-side, 610 Elm Street, a little before 11:30 so, there was time to take a little tour of the beautifully renovated old factory. I hadn’t been there in a couple of years. The MillHouse is “a social, co-working, and creative gathering space for women to flourish, offering art, photography, and wellness studios.”

Such a beautiful place.
Erin shared a wonderful presentation of her journeys, friendships, experiences, and close calls as she photographed her way through Iraq and Kurdistan.

The portraits and the people tell a story with their eyes, don’t they?

Just hearing the stories and seeing the smiling faces of the people Erin photographed made me realize how fortunate and blessed we are here in our country, and how much we take for granted. Most of these people have little to nothing, have gone through such difficult times, yet they can smile. They are not smiling for the camera as much as they are smiling to show that life is good if you see the good in life. Thank you Erin!

And thank you to my good friend Sherri Murphy… I mean… Thelma, for always inviting me on new adventures. (And usually last minute… the best kind.) Love, Louise.

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