Thankful Thursday:) So Much to be Thankful for

19 Nov

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.”

Meister Eckhart


Every day is a blessing when you see the blessing in every day. I think that’s a quote, but I don’t remember who said it… besides me.

My day started off slowly by waiting for a service call from Bill Joplin’s Air conditioning and Heating. It was just my bi-yearly check up before winter. You know what’s cool. They send you a reminder, and then a call when the technician is on the way. But wait… they send you a photo with the man’s name. Great security idea.

This is Jeff, a very nice and thorough technician. I even asked him if while he was crawling around up in my attic, if he could keep a look out for any mouse droppings, wasp nests or unusual activity, as I don’t go up in that creepy cold attic. He said my furnace looked great and no sign of unwanted creatures great or small. Great news! When he was done, I signed my papers and sent him off with some brownies and a bottle of water.

After that, I met Helene at Tom Thumb to buy some last minute supplies for Towne Creek tomorrow and get that great sale on butter, only 99cents a pound, limit two. Cool! We walked over to McDonald’s to get a quick hot chocolate and a chat. Good friends, time to laugh and plan our art class menu and crafts.

Then, we stopped to visit our buddy JERRY, still recuperating from back surgery. I brought one of my tamale casseroles for his dinner. We did a lot of laughing, and I always manage to burst out in spontaneous song. I also honored them with the latest rendition of my newly composed Country Western Song, entitled, “I’ll Just Have Another Beer.” Both agreed that I shouldn’t quit my day job… actually, they thought it was a pretty fun song.

Afterwards, I stopped at Walmart and bought way too much stuff, like more paint, snacks and ingredients for tomorrow’s art group.

My friendly furry feline neighbors helped me bring in my groceries.
Now, I’m putting together little Christmas Craft goody bags for my seniors to work on. Then do some baking, and in the morning, make my sandwiches and snack mix. Busy, busy!

Later, I have to gather up supplies for glass painting. Miss Kathy asked if we could paint some wine glasses. Great idea for Christmas gifts. A few examples…

Now, you see why it is a Thankful Thursday. Much to be thankful for.

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