Saturday:) Special Sights and Sounds and a Sunset

21 Nov

“For what is the gift of the poet and the artist except to see the sights which others cannot see, and to hear the sounds that others cannot hear.”



My day was filled with wonderful sights and sounds. A beautiful morning, a messy kitchen, and a lovely early evening walk. Here where the sights and sounds come in.

On my walk, I saw this butterfly struggling on the sidewalk by the pond. I reached down to touch him to see if he would fly away. He flapped his wings, but it appeared his back legs were stuck to the pavement. Oh no! I carefully loosened the immobile legs. He still didn’t fly away.
I couldn’t just leave him there to be stepped on or gobbled up by a passing puppy, so I picked him up and carefully placed him in the nearby grass. I hope he can mend and survive. Maybe I’ll check on him tomorrow.

As I proceeded down the street, the setting sun was glowing in the west, and the horses across the street were grazing in their pasture.

Just horsin’ around.
The huge orange orb was descending.
A spectacular gift.

Happy Saturday, my friends.

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