Wednesday:) When You Find Treasure

20 Jan

“Riches you hold in your hands are inferior to treasures you store in your heart.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo


“One man’s trash is another woman’s rusty nails and crusted old coins and treasure,”~ME

The other day, I was rummaging through one of my many kitchen junk drawers looking for a spare house key. The drawer is teeming with junk, thus the term junk drawer.

When I moved into my new house over seven years ago, the neighborhood was fairly new, with messy construction on every street. There weren’t sidewalks everywhere yet, so when I went on my daily walks, I would often find rusty construction nails and screws, or other sharp objects in the street. I would pick them up and toss them in a nearby garbage can or toss them when I got home. My sister asked me once! “How many do you find?” I didn’t know, so decided to save them, to count at a later time.

Well, time got away from me as I put them in a drawer or a bag in the garage. I thought one day, I’ll make some kind of art or craft project with these “lucky nails.” I called them lucky nails because I always thought that for every nail I picked up, perhaps I saved someone from getting a flat tire. I know from experience, as I had gotten nails in tires and flats a couple of times.

Afore mentioned junk drawer. That baggie of nails is not even half the size of the bag of nails I have in the garage. (I saved a LOT of flat tires.)

Besides nails, I’d also find lucky pennies or other coins, and on a rare occasion, paper currency.

Yes, a $10 and a $20. I forgot these were in the drawer. (Once I found a really weird counterfeit $100 bill on a sidewalk, but I gave it to my Nextdoor neighbor, a police lieutenant to check it out.)

So, when I was sorting out nails and coins, I picked up one of the pennies and noticed on the back that it was a wheat penny. Cool! When I put on my glasses, I saw that it was a 1954D wheat penny.

I googled it to see if it was worth more than a penny. I guess some are.
Well, it could be worth 99cents or $19,000. Who knows? It doesn’t matter. To me, it’s a lucky penny that I found in the street one day, or on a sidewalk, or in a parking lot. It made me smile because it was a lucky penny from heaven. That’s all that matters. It’s a treasure I store in my heart. ❤️

Riches you hold in your hands are inferior to treasures you store in your heart.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo

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