Saturday at SPARC:) Empty Bowls Project

22 Jan

“When given a special gift, you are obliged to share it with others.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


McKinney has the most amazing and talented artist and residents. The coordinators and volunteers of the annual Empty Bowls charity event are busy all year long, preparing for the upcoming May 12th event.

Local artists were asked to creatively glaze large bowls that were thrown by local talented potters. It’s a cooperative of amazing artists who team up to make and donate beautiful Bowls that will be auctioned on May 12th.

Minda Macias, who is coordinating the artists, gave me a call, asking if I’d like to participate. I’ve been involved since the beginning of the Empty Bowls in McKinney. Of course, I’d be hurt if I wasn’t included.

I picked up my bowl and glazes at SPARC, which stands for St. Peter’s Artist Run Community. Minda and her daughter Alex were hard at work, throwing bowls and setting up artists with glazes and bowls that they were picking up for decorating.

Alex is such a talented young lady. I am the proud owner of many of her beautiful pieces.
I glazed my bowl with several coats of my signature roses, inside and out. When it gets fired, it will be more vibrant in color.
About 45 minutes later…. Voila! Done and ready for firing.

A few of the bowls waiting for firing submitted by local artists.

My friend Lynne Weinberger did this one. Cool!
Here’s one of my donations from last year. I need to get working on another glass bowl with yellow roses. My favorite.

A fun Saturday. Now, I need to get out for a walk before the sun goes down. Adios!

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