Thankful Thursday:) Always Find Something

27 Jan

“We can always find something to be thankful for, and there may be reasons why we ought to be thankful for even those dispensations which appear dark and frowning.”

Albert Barnes


Of ALL the words of wisdom or pieces of advice on how to be happy that I’ve learned in over 6 decades on this planet, the NUMBER ONE thing is just one word…GRATITUDE. There’s always something to be thankful for.

What you focus on is what you see. If you are focused on the negative and all the bad things that have happened to you or that will happen in the future, that’s all you see. That’s who you become. As Tony Robbins says, that negativity becomes your state of mind or your identity. So if you look at dark threatening clouds and see beauty, or rain for the crops, or you don’t have to water the lawn, then pretty soon you see the rainbow.

One way I use to keep on a positive track is journaling. It’s not a gratitude journal. It’s just me writing down what I did each day. Usually it’s fun positive things, sometimes it’s venting. But, it’s always who I am, and I can look back and see how far I’ve come.

The journal on the left, otherwise know as a spiral notebook covers from September 2004 until June of 2016. Just one line a day to sum up what happened. The first notebook got full, so the one on the right continues from June 2016 until now. Just one line. It takes less than two minutes a day. It’s very satisfying. Also, it’s a good record of my life. I can tell you what I did October 12th 2004 or what I did yesterday. Believe me, when you get old, this is very helpful. 🤦‍♀️

Another way to cultivate my gratitude is right here. I write my blog every day. I share my ups and downs, what I’ve learned and meeting new friends and visiting old friends. I started writing this blog on January 1, 2013. Unbeknownst to me, six months later, I discovered the worst betrayal of my life and a devastating divorce proceeded. But, I kept writing… every day… writing. The writing kept me grounded. You can think and feel, but when you write, it becomes a story. I have been writing a blog post every day for over 9 years. I can always find something to be thankful for and share.

Thank you ALL. You know who you are.

Some other ways to cultivate gratitude from our friends at Harvard…

Ways to cultivate gratitude

Gratitude is a way for people to appreciate what they have instead of always reaching for something new in the hopes it will make them happier or thinking they can’t feel satisfied until every physical and material need is met. Gratitude helps people refocus on what they have instead of what they lack. And, although it may feel contrived at first, this mental state grows stronger with use and practice.

Here are some ways to cultivate gratitude on a regular basis.

Write a thank-you note. You can make yourself happier and nurture your relationship with another person by writing a thank-you letter or email expressing your enjoyment and appreciation of that person’s impact on your life. Send it, or better yet, deliver and read it in person if possible. Make a habit of sending at least one gratitude letter a month. Once in a while, write one to yourself. (I am SO bad at this one,🤦‍♀️)

Thank someone mentally. No time to write? It may help just to think about someone who has done something nice for you, and mentally thank the individual.

Keep a gratitude journal. Make it a habit to write down or share with a loved one thoughts about the gifts you’ve received each day.

Count your blessings. Pick a time every week to sit down and write about your blessings — reflecting on what went right or what you are grateful for. Sometimes it helps to pick a number — such as three to five things — that you will identify each week. As you write, be specific and think about the sensations you felt when something good happened to you.

Pray. People who are religious can use prayer to cultivate gratitude.

Meditate. Mindfulness meditation involves focusing on the present moment without judgment. Although people often focus on a word or phrase (such as “peace”), it is also possible to focus on what you’re grateful for (the warmth of the sun, a pleasant sound, etc.).

For more from this Harvard report…

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