Tuesday Two Step and 2-22-22 at 2:22

23 Feb

“Diligence is the mother of good luck.”

~Benjamin Franklin


So, today is 2-22-22, must be a lucky day. Helene and I went for taco Tuesday. Then we went to Station 5 for early voting. I set my alarm for 2:22 pm so I could take a photo on my phone. As luck would have it, my alarm went off while I was voting. 🤦‍♀️

I love my phone screen photo. I get to see my Mommo all the time.

After voting, I went over to Walmart to pick up a few supplies for our Friday Towne Creek Senior art group. We were going to make pizza, but since it’s going to be sooooo cold, I’m going to make my famous potato chowder soup and Helene will make egg salad sandwiches and I’ll bake more mini cupcakes. I managed to spend $80 on who know what? Oh look! Something shiny.🤦‍♀️

As I was leaving, I saw a lottery machine by the exit. I didn’t know how to work it, so I put in a dollar and pushed some buttons. They didn’t have anything for a dollar, but they had one for two, so I put in another dollar.

Then, an older couple passed by and was using the machine. I said, I’m going to watch you. I have no idea how this works. Oh! When they left, I put in another dollar and got a Texas Two Step ticket. With all that alliteration, it’s gotta be luck on this 2-22-22. Plus, supposedly it is supporting veterans. ❤️Wish me luck…🤞🏼

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