Thankful Thursday:) Special Friends

5 May

Friends are like the stars. They shine bright when you are near, but their brilliance glows just as much when you are far away.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I’ll start off with my friend Helene. As I’be stated many times, my friend Helene had a “drug” problem. When I met her at church, she didn’t know anyone around McKinney. So, I drug her to Art Club. Then, I drug her to karaoke. Later, I drug her to Towne Creek where she is teaching, cooking and sharing her talents. I drug her to our single mingle group where she made so many more new friends. I drug her to Holy Family School where she generously donates snacks and drinks and goodies for the little ones. I could go on and on…

Yesterday, Miss Helene drug me over to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, where I was forced to consume massive quantities of their world famous onion blossom.

I haven’t had one of these in ages. My all time favorite belly bustin’ meal. When our server asked what I wanted to have, I told him the onion blossom. And, he assumed it was an appetizer. I said, “No, this is my meal and I’m going to eat The whole thing and I ain’t sharin’.” He laughed, I was serious.

OK, it looks like I ate it all, it I only ate 1/2 and brought the rest home. It was painful and marvelous, all rolled into one. Speaking of roll…. Helene had to roll me out of there.

Helene had the ribs. We had to take pictures to tease our friend Doug, who always takes pictures of his awesome dinners but NEVER invites us to come along. We’re going to flaunt this one.

I am also grateful for a nice long phone conversation with my dearest friend Lin Lin, back home. We did a lot of catching up and over an hour on the phone.

Let’s not forget another call from Debbie, in Chicago. Gosh, we’ve been friends from our teaching days around 1977? I really am blessed.

Tonight, I’m having dinner with Miss Kathy across the street. She always spoils me with a nice dinner as a thank you for keeping an eye on her cats when she’s out of town. I should thank her. The boys always hang out at my house making sure I don’t have any mice.

After dinner, I need to start working on baking MORE cupcakes for our annual picnic over by Miss Pat’s apartment. More cupcakes… more food… more awesome friends. More on that tomorrow.

Happy Thursday, my friends. I hope you have many many things to be thankful for too. ❤️

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