Thankful Thursday:) The Kindness of Strangers

3 Jun

“Schedule kindness in your day. Watch how small acts of kindness can change your mood, bring someone else joy, and give both of you a positive benefit. ”
― Germany Kent


In a world where there is so much anger, hatred, and malice, what a breath of fresh air to find kindness among strangers. There are so many kind people doing kind acts, but we rarely hear about them. Here’s a little story.

The other day, I was scrolling through my Facebook pages. I belong to a Nextdoor neighborhood page that posts items for sale, news from the neighborhood, and complaints about pretty much everything. I just so happened to stumble across a post saying that if anyone in the neighborhood was in need of some moving boxes and papers, that they were helping a friend move and would have a bunch of boxes.

Well, my friend Helene was starting to pack for a move and I told her I’d be on the look out. This was just perfect timing. I replied right away and the gentleman who posted the giveaway said he’d contact me when he had the boxes. Yesterday, I got a text saying that he could drop off the boxes at my house on his way home. Wow!

This is my neighbor Aaron. He and his family live a couple of blocks away, across from the pond where I walk every day. We had never met or even seen each other in all these years, but now I have some new kind friends. I may have to make some of my awesome brownies tomorrow.
Not only did Aaron drive over to my house, but the boxes and paper were all neatly bundled, and he carried them up the driveway and placed them in my garage. Now, that is above and beyond kindness to a stranger.
Helene was beyond happy to receive all these boxes and papers for her upcoming move. We went to Wendy’s for lunch to celebrate.

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