Friday:) Favorite Faces, Flowers, and Friends- Furry and Feathered and Otherwise

4 Jun

“Lots of people talk to animals… Not very many listen though… that’s the problem.”

~ Benjamin Hoff


I’m glad I went for a morning walk because it was dark and rainy this evening, Plus, my friend the horse was in his pasture, the birds were singing, and my favorite face greeted me when I opened Facebook this morning.

Miss you Mommo! (Photo from Over 10 years ago.) We were laughing so hard because her ice cream was melting faster than she could lick. Thanks for visiting me with your smiling angel face.

When I was walking this morning, this guy saw me from across the street and came sauntering over to the rails to say hello. We talked a while. Yes, I speak horse.

I’m actually getting pretty fluent in several species of bird whistles. This guy and I had a nice conversation.
Oh, look at this beautiful bird. He was too far away to converse, plus he was busy looking for fish for his breakfast.
The wildflowers around the pond were lovely.

A fabulous Friday.

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