Saturday In The Park- It Wasn’t Even the 4th of July

4 Jun

“One of the happiest sights to see is a family laughing and playing in the park.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I know I’ve mentioned my many blessing more than many times, but did I mention that I am so blessed to live right across from a little park. It’s just a tiny swatch of grass with a couple of outdoor exercise equipment stations. But, every now and then, I’ll see boys playing football or soccer, or families riding their bikes and scooters round and round, and people walking their dogs.

Lately, I’ve see this family from down the street riding their little bikes down the sidewalk with their dad jogging along behind them. They play frisbee and have conversations with Miss Kathy’s cats who think they’d like to play too.

Sammi the cat can’t catch the frisbee, but he can chase it as it spins in the air,

While I was on my way home from my morning walk, the dad and three kids rode and strode over to the park. We shared our hellos as they started to toss the frisbee. They are actually pretty good. This gave me an idea.

I had a couple of brand new frisbees that I got on sale after the 4th of July last year. They were sitting in the garage just waiting for such an occasion. I grabbed one of the frisbees and walked back over to the park. I told the dad, Rick, that I really enjoy watching him and the kids play practically every day. I handed him the frisbee gift and the kids all ran over to check it out, they all said “Thank you” and proceeded to test out the new flag frisbee.
As I walked back home, I could hear them commenting on how cool it was spinning and how it was bigger than their old one.

I didn’t know these neighbors before, but now I know their names and they know mine. I’ll probably be known as the nice frisbee lady if they forget. isn’t that what it’s all about?

A random act of kindness is just another way of sharing your smile and your heart. ❤️

Happy Saturday, my friends.

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