Thankful Thursday:) Feeling Blessed

28 Jul

“A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all the other virtues.”



Being thankful for what you already have and appreciating all the good in your life just makes your blessings overflow.

So, you may remember my dilemma posted on Facebook about being afraid to climb up to the 4th step of my ladder to change my kitchen floodlight. I realized my limitations. Well, I received many tips of getting a bulb changing extension pole, etc. Then, my nextdoor neighbor texted me, “I’m sending Jack over in the morning after his football practice.” Yay!

Thank you tall and strong Jack for saving the day. He even brought his own 8 foot ladder. Feeling blessed with awesome neighbors.

This morning, I decided to seize the day and get put for a morning walk before the triple digit heat set in. I walked a few loops, listening to the birds, watching squirrels, and taking in the beautiful sights. Well, the yellow and grey withering lawns weren’t that pretty. Hopefully they will come back if we ever get some rain. I stopped and rested on my favorite bench by the pond in the shade. Feeling blessed to live in such a lovely neighborhood.

Across Wilmeth Road, I saw my two horsey friends prancing around. They must be young, as they didn’t seem to mind the heat too much.

They came over to say hello to Miss Toni. They let me pet their cute muzzles.

Beauty and blessings, everywhere I go. All this before 9 o’clock in the morning. Happy Thankful Thursday, my friends.

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