Friday Friends:) Two Legged and Four Legged

6 Aug

“You can never have too many friends, two legged or four legged kind.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Still hotter than …you know what… here in Texas. I went for an early morning walk, it was already nearly 90°. I had made a couple of loops around the pond and was going to take a short break on my usual bench under the shady tree, but some people were sitting there. Oh no! I kept walking and rested on a lumpy stone partition, then continued. I decided to walk a little more and say hello to the people sitting by MY bench.

This is Miss Thelma sat in the shade in her wheel chair. We never met before, but had a nice long conversation, Maybe a more detailed story tomorrow. Her son Phillip didn’t want to be in the photo, but they had some great stories to share,
When I got home, the second I walked in and closed the door, I heard a loud meowing sound, Sammi, from across the street wanted me to come out and play. So, I sat on the bench and spent time with my little four legged friend.
A nice refreshing smoothly made the steamy morning a little more pleasant.
I made some pasta and took a container over to Miss Kathy across the street. Sammi and Juno belong to her, so they said hello again. I found a lucky penny in her driveway while dropping off the pasta. I have great friends.

Another day with my Tony Robbins webinar, Day 4. I’m getting so smart with all this learning.

Then, a lovely evening with Sid. It’s been a fabulous Friday with new, old, and four legged friends.

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