Friday:) Friends, Neighbors, Furry Four-legged Friends and My Firemen

13 Aug

“My Friends always put up with my quirkiness, bad jokes, and off key singing. Is it my charming personality or my delicious brownies? Hmm? I wonder?”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Friday is usually a fun day for me, but today, even more so. I met my old friend Zelda for lunch. I scurried out of the house so quickly today that I forgot my phone was still on the kitchen counter being charged. When I got to Olive Garden and looked for my phone, oh no! I felt naked, vulnerable, and afraid. No phone! How will I survive for two or three hours?

Because I had no phone for my mandatory selfie, I grabbed this picture of Zelda from a few months back. So, no photos of my eggplant parmigiana, or my salad, or our very attentive waiter named Scott. (Lucky you.) we had a nice two, maybe three hour lunch.

On the way home, I stopped at the Dollar Tree to look for some possible fall craft project ideas.

I ran into another old friend, Miss Erma.

I didn’t have my phone, so we used hers for our selfie. I ended up with a cartload of Stuff. I was all out of those disposable aluminum pans with plastic dome lids for my many cooking and baking giveaways. I was all out.

When I got home, I put together some containers for dispersing some bad-ass brownies and lemon cheesecake cookies.

Some for my neighbors Nextdoor whose very nice son came and changed out a couple of my very high kitchen pot lights last week.
Some treats for my other Nextdoor neighbor, Elke. We always sit and visit a while. (I didn’t forget Kathy across the street. She got some yesterday)
Then, we mustn’t forget my friends, the firefighters over at Station 9. It was so funny, after I dropped off the treats to the firehouse, I was getting into my car when a beautiful monarch butterfly fluttered right by my face. I smiled. (Good luck)

When I got home, my four-legged furry friends ran across the street, meowing and scurrying to greet me. I don’t give them brownies or treats. They are more than happy to meow and enjoy a belly rub or a little ear scratching. Then, they lay in the dry dirt, formerly known as the grass, in front of my house, or sit on my front windowsill.

Another fun Friday with friends. Feeling Blessed.

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