Thankful Thursday:) Friends and Family

25 Aug

“I am Very thankful for my wonderful family and my awesome friends who are like family. And, I got to pick the friends all by myself.“

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many interesting people as I walk through this winding mysterious glorious life on planet earth. When I was a kid, I always thought by 2001, A Space Odyssey would be a reality by now. But alas, we are still stuck on this planet and we are not driving in flying cars on Mars. Darn! But, that’s OK. I’ve met some interesting earthlings in my travels.

Last week, I finally got to meet up with Kathy Todryk. We have been Facebook friends for a while, but never ever met in person. We met for coffee on the Square at Layered. She is an Optavia health and wellness coach, and has helped many many people lose weight, get fit, and stay that way. She is very inspirational and spiritual, and loves to share her philosophy on wellness, both in body and spirit. It was the first, of I hope many more visits. Thank you Kathy.

After our coffee visit, I went over to the McKinney Visitor Center. I was hoping to find Beth Shumate busy at work behind her desk. Yay! She was there and came out to chat a few minutes. It’s good to catch up with what’s happening around McKinney, and Beth is the go to person for that.

If you need any McKinney or Texas type souvenirs, maps and brochures, Visit McKinney has all kinds of cool stuff. Especially cards and licensed gifts and souvenirs created by my good friend and awesome artist, Kim Guthrie.
Today, I stopped over to visit Miss Joni, to take her a hand painted birthday gift. Happy birthday Joni. (More on how to paint the vase another time.) I’m not sure if it’s 29 or 30, something like that. I got the grand tour of their newly constructed and decorated backyard beach themed bar and living space. So cool.
The neat part is Joni and Bob live just a few blocks away from me. So, when they’re out of town, I can sneak over and hang out in their back yard.
Shhhh! Don’t tell them. Maybe they won’t find out. (Unless they notice a lot of liquor is missing.)

I am very thankful for these new friends and old friends. I am thankful for my beautiful family who keep me grounded and well loved. My blessings are many.

This afternoon, I went over to church for Adoration and a little Sanctuary sketching time. It’s so peaceful and inspirational. I had quite a few names and intentions to add to the prayer book. I lit my candle, thinking of my intentions, and worked on my sketching. (More on that another day.)

Happy Thankful Thursday, my friends.

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