Tuesday:) Toni’s Tip of the Day-Digital Deals

13 Sep

“A dream is always a bargain no matter what you pay for it.”

~Harvey Mackay


Another awesome grocery shopping trip using my digital deals and coupons. When people are complaining about the outrageous price of groceries, I have realized that it’s just as easy to purchase and use items on sale instead of paying full price.

Look at all these groceries. Over lbs of chicken bread, 2 packages of bacon, 2 dozen eggs, 3 honey crisp apples, 2 pkgs of salad mix, 4 cans of corn, 4 boxes of rice-a-roni, and a box of 100 tea bags. Are you guessing?
18 items… $20.46. My savings with digital coupons, just for U savings, and an extra 10% off for wearing a Cowboy jersey on game day. I actually didn’t wear my jersey after church, but Miss Suzie gave me the deal. I saved $39.85 so I saved 66%. Wow! Great deal.

Here’s my tip. Don’t pay full price unless you absolutely have to. Sometimes the digital coupons are a pain in the ….. but well worth the effort.

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