Friday:) Faces, Faces, Everywhere Faces In The Weirdest Places

23 Sep

“Is it just me, or does everyone see faces in the weirdest places?”



This morning, I was preparing to make my green tea with lemon and honey and some fresh ginger. When I’m at the store, I stand there and look at the lumpy bumpy pieces of ginger to see what interesting shapes they make. Sometimes I see horses or dogs or rabbits. I only buy interesting shapes ginger. That’s what artistic people do.

The piece of ginger I used this morning looked rather interesting.

Upon closer inspection, this nubby root looked like an old man with a big belly. See the mouth and pointy chin and two buttons down his belly? The little gift of hair on top was interesting, but I decided he needed a hat or beret. Ha! In honor of Fall, an acorn beret would do just nicely.
Of course, Miss Toni has acorns lying around in a bowl. Doesn’t everyone? I took the cap off and placed it on my old snarly ginger man. He looks like he’s singing, doesn’t he? With the acorn beret, he must be an old French jazz singer.

Any suggestions for a name for my Ginger Man? Let me know.

Happy Friday, my friends.

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