Thankful Thursday:) How Did I Miss World Gratitude Day?

23 Sep

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”~ John F. Kennedy


I just saw a post on my friend Sherri’s Facebook page that yesterday was World Gratitude Day. How did I miss that? It was t just a National day, it a “World Day.” Originally, I was going to post about Thankful Thursday, but now I can also catch up, a day late, on Gratitude Day.

I am grateful that I have great friends to remind me why I should be grateful, not just on September 21st, but EVERY day.
I do wake up each day and end each day with a grateful heart. ❤️ I have an awesome family and wonderful friends.

An ancient tradition suggests that everyone should count at least one hundred blessings a day. It’s good advice since there are so many benefits.

Have you ever known a person who radiated positivity? They attract people from all around to them with their cheerful nature and friendly disposition. You, too, can be like that person whom you so admire. What does it take? You should cut the negativity out of your life and usher in more positive thinking.

To achieve this, you can start by taking inventory of all the reasons why you should be more grateful every day.

1 – Positive people have a happier view of life

When you count your blessings, you have a happier view of your life. You’re more grateful for what you have and for those around you. Researchers suggest that being thankful changes your brain for the better. It boosts your happiness and makes you a more positive person.


So, the ancient tradition of counting a hundred blessings each day may be difficult for some, but, I bet if you sat down and started to write them all down, you’d come up with more than a hundred. I know I could. It doesn’t have to be a brand new list each day.

Here’s a good challenge for you… get a sheet of paper or open your notes or reminder app on your phone and start to list 100 people and things you are grateful for. Keep that list handy and once you have 100 items listed, start out each day re-reading that list. That should make you happier, healthier, and it changes your brain. I think we could all use a change.

I’m going to start my list today.

1. God

2. Joe

3. Matt…..

And the list goes on and on. At least 50 family members, hundreds of friends, hundreds of blessings. And of course, YOU. I might get up to 1,000.

Happy Thankful Thursday, my friends.

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