Thankful Thursday:) Can You Think Of At Least Three Things To Be Thankful For?

7 Oct

“I am thankful for the sun in the morning and the moon at night and everything that comes in between.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I can always think of positive things , but here’s my problem. Sometimes a million little negative things pop in my head during the course of a day. So, I have to come up with 3 million little positive things to think about to flip the script. 🤦‍♀️

Actually, I’m just kidding around. There are too many wonderful positive things in my life to be thankful for every day. Let’s see…

This morning, no alarm needed to wake me. I got to listen to my morning meditation, then went for a lovely morning walk. I ran into a neighbor who is always walking his two dogs. We just wave, but today, I introduced myself. I met Robert and his two dogs, little Bella and a big beautiful white lab, Bear.

After I got home and settled, I sipped some tea while I checked my emails and vitally important Facebook posts. Then, off to St. Gabriel for Adoration and to do some Sanctuary sketching. There are always special intentions and prayers in my heart.

Sharing is caring, so I always put something in the poor box.
Always light a candle.
I picked this stained glass window to work on today.
Here’s the start. I’ll show you when it’s all finished and I use my Artisto app to add the vibrant colors. (I’m getting good, right?)

After two or more hours at church, off to Walmart to look for some Halloween Peeps and some groceries. Guess what? No Peeps! Bummer! But, I bought all kinds of other goodies, fruit, vegetables, and baking stuff. I was going to stop at the car wash, but NO! I knew I’d have to stop at Kroger, and hopefully they had some Peeps. So, I didn’t feel like the car wash, vacuum and all that stuff. (Kroger did, but no ghosts, just pumpkins and Frankenstein.)

Speaking of Kroger… another super awesome thing to be thankful for. I needed gas the other day, and I was playing Russian Gas Roulette, you know how you try not to fill up until you’re almost on empty and you have 30 c off a gallon with Kroger fuel points? Last month, I missed my window and gas went up 40c the day I filled up. Not this month! Yay!

Gas was $2.88 and I had 30c off a gallon with my fuel points. I paid $2.58. The next day it was $3.19. Wow! I was soooo excited.

On my way home, I stopped at Walgreens to pick up the Sanctuary sketch photos I had ordered. There were 135 prints. I have trouble getting the true digital size, so I thought I had it covered. Before I left the store, I checked the photos. Half were perfect and the other half, about 60 had the heads and feet cut off. The young man called the manager and she checked it out. It seems that if I edit a photo on my phone app, it sends a distorted image to Walgreens.

Miss Jessica not only refunded me the cost of the bad prints, but she took me over to the kiosk to try and figure out how to fix the problem for next time. Sweet lady! I’ll have to work on that.
These are the ones that turned out ok.

So, there have been so. Amy things to be thankful for just today. And the day isn’t over. At 7:30, I’m going across the street to Miss Kathy’s front porch to drink wine and whine about our days and visit with the cats.

They are so cute.

If you managed to read this entire dissertation of being thankful, wow! You are awesome! I challenge you to think about all the things you are thankful for today. 🤗❤️

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