Thankful Thursday:) So Much To Be Thankful For

18 Nov

“Under trees, the urban dweller might restore his troubled soul and find the blessing of a creative pause.”~ Walter Gropius


This morning, I woke up thankful that no alarm would summon me after going to bed quite late, and my pesky attic visitor, Mr. Mickey Mouse, did a little tap dancing routine during the wee hours of the night, 🤦‍♀️

The only thing on my calendar was a meeting at church at 2pm for the Connection Desk and Welcome Committee. I was going to go early and do some sketching in the sanctuary, but I received a few phone calls that impeded my progress. But, I did have 5 minutes to go to Adoration, light a candle, stop at the poor box, and get to the meeting by 2.

I am so grateful for the awesome people, volunteers, and friends that I’ve made at St. Gabriel the Archangel. Everyone is so giving and loving. The parish is growing by leaps and bounds, and it was reported
that we are getting interest from around 40 new families a month. Woa! Our meeting was to see how volunteers can help share information to visitors and prospective members. Personally, I just like to greet at the door on Sunday, share a smile, a hug, a compliment, and make people feel welcome.

After my meeting, I met Helene over by the chapel. She was there for Adoration, and we planned to stop at McD after. I am thankful for my dear friend Helene. Not only did she treat me to a big hot chocolate, but she came bearing gifts. She felt sorry for me and my goofy cough, cold, sneezing, etc. I’m feeling much better, about 80%, but a little back up is a good thing.

I am thankful for the amazing sunset that I was able to capture and enjoy on my evening walk. I haven’t been walking in a while, so it was great to bundle up and get out for a brisk walk.

Ah, my reward at the end of the day. A spectacular sunset of crimson and gold.

The day is not over, although it’s only 7pm and feels like midnight. I plan on having a nice dinner and going upstairs to my “crap room” (craft room) to paint a little. The holidays are soon approaching.

Happy Thankful Thursday, my friends.

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