Winter Shutdown in North Texas

31 Jan

Because the birdsong might be pretty,
But it’s not for you they sing,
And if you think my winter is too cold,
You don’t deserve my spring.

Erin Hanson


Frigid winter storms have hit here in NorthTexas. All the schools and municipal buildings are closed today, maybe tomorrow, who knows? Police are suggesting everyone just stay home unless it’s an emergency. I agree. People here don’t know how to drive in ice and snow, and there are no salt trucks and plows on constant patrol like up north. (Chicago girl, here.) The good news is… it’s Texas. We will be complaint about the heat in a couple of months. 🤦‍♀️

Yesterday, I saw some doves hovering by my front window. I have a bird feeder out there, but it was empty. I stopped putting seed in when my pest control guy said that the seed attracts rodents. I had lots of rodents in my attic this winter. But, these shivering birds melted my heart, so I went out and filled my bird feeder.

Many different birds came and shared the seed. THE COOLEST PART, almost made me cry, was that the small birds went up to the feeder and carefully put seeds in their beaks and threw it down for the many birds patiently waiting below. Nature is wonderful. Why can’t we all be like birds, sharing and caring with all? Watch my little homemade video….

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