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Sentimental Saturday: Sitting, Sipping, and Sharing

29 Jun

Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness; it has no taste.”
― Charlotte Brontë
Another busy Saturday. A quick five mile walk in the morning, off to the Square for writing group, lunch and socializing. (Lots of hugs today.) Back home to put my feet up a bit, check emails, watch tv, and work on some writing. Then, another fast three mile walk before dark. The sipping isn’t too exciting. Not a tall tempting alcoholic drink, rather three glasses of cold water with lime. All that walking makes me thirsty.(I’m not saying a beverage is not in my future.)

So, here are a few photos that I’d like to share from my last couple of days.

Miss Bonnie finished painting her bird feeder Friday at Towne Creek.

Miss Marie painted a quaint little scene complete with a cat amidst the flowers.

Miss Nelma put the finishing touches on her ocean scene. Pretty awesome!

O.K. Here’s my beverage from last night’s Black Russian Friday. I’m always happy to share my day, my photos, my words and… Feel free to stop by for a chocolatey Black Russian.


Friday Fire and Brimstone

28 Jun

“There may be a great fire in our soul, yet no one ever comes to warm himself at it, and the passers-by see only a wisp of smoke.”
― Vincent van Gogh
I’m not sure what brimstone is, but if it is anything as spectacular as the fabulous raku pottery that was being fired this evening at SPARC (St. Peter’s Artist Run Community), then you can see that “there may be a great fire in our soul.”

SPARC celebrated their grand opening this evening with guest potters, including Kym Owens from Sunset Canyon Pottery, Steve Macias, Laura Canfield, and other local potters.

Steve, with the help of other potters, demonstrated outdoor raku firing all evening, while inside, beautiful pottery was on display, and potters were on hand to share their creative expertise.

It was a warm McKinney night, the kiln was crazy hot, the company warm and friendly, but the artists, potters and friends enjoyed a wonderful evening of creativity.

SPARC is located at 405 N. Sherman Street, McKinney, TX 75069 and can be found on Facebook at There offer weekly hand-building, private wheel and pottery classes, workshops, parties, date nights and girls night out.


Steve Macias is an amazing potter.



Local artists display their work.





Swinging Saturday on Square

15 Jun

In life you are going to make mistakes, you’re going to fall down, but it’s the getting up that counts. Just like in baseball: you’ll get a few hits, but most likely, you’ll strike out more than you’ll get on base. But don’t quit. Find your focus, relax, take a deep breath and give it a good swing.
Dave Pelzer
An early morning walk, a quick shower and off to the McKinney Square, my favorite place to hang out. A social-slash-writing meet up at Sweet Spot with Mandy. Then, across the street to paint and chat with Judy at Art on the Veranda.


You never know when friends will pop in. Hi Miss Erma and Miss Connie.

Ok, by now I was pretty hungry, so I ran (literally) over to Snug to get my favorite yummy yogurt parfait and a big hug from my buddy Daniel. The Square was hoppin’ with several weddings coming and going. When my painting/visiting ended, I scooted back over to Sweet Spot to people watch and wait for the Second Saturday jam session. Great people watching. “Here comes the bride.”


Now, coming to you live from the jam session. Folks just stopping by to play instruments, sing and share good music and friendship.




Sunday Sights, Sounds and Sweet Things

19 May

I spent some time on the Square this afternoon. I had a little lunch at Snug, visited with some friends, did some people watching, Then, I remembered that my friend, local artist Anne Royer had arranged a painting/music gathering at the Heard Craig Center for the Arts, at the Carriage House. Keyboardist William Foley played such beautiful music while Anne and friends painted and sketched. It was a gorgeous day. Some beautiful sights and sounds.


Wasn’t that lovely!

Now, for the sweet things. My “sweet” friend, Elizabeth Farmer, from Sweet Spot Bakery gifted me with twenty delicious cupcakes to share with my senior friends at Towne Creek. Miss Nelma, who just got back from a scary hospital stay, was thrilled when I knocked at her door bearing cupcakes.

Thank you miss Elizabeth and Miss Kathy for your constant generosity,

Wednesday Words of Wisdom

15 May

In good times, your friends get to know who you are. In bad times, you get to know who your friends are.
Xuan Ta
It’s always wonderful to get together with friends, and I happen to be blessed with soooo many fantastic, fun, creative, and caring friends. Today, a few of us got together for lunch and then went back to Lynne’s house to do some glass painting. Creating and painting beautiful things is very therapeutic. Well, I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

Sherry and Lynne had fun playing with glass paint.

Sherry’s masterpieces.

Lynne’s cute classic daisies.

Everything’s coming up roses when I paint. Very fun afternoon, lunch with Karen, Terry, Sherry and Lynne, then painting with Sherry and Lynne.Thanks girls. You turned a tough day into a great day.


Tenacious Tuesday

14 May

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure , the process is its own reward.”
Amelia Earhart
Today was a very tenacious Tuesday. I was busier than a horsefly at a rodeo. Call Mom, straighten the house a little, Zumba at 8:30, scramble home, shower, cut up and package brownies, gather art supplies and paints for Tuesday tea time, and be out of the house by 11:45 am. (I’m tired already.)

Whenever I bake a double batch of brownies, I take a container over to Fire Station 5. They always appreciate a sweet little treat from a sweet little old lady. Paramedic Floyd looks pretty happy.

Then, off to McKinney’s Sweet Spot Bakery for tea time, treats and tunes. Miss Kay, Karen and I had our ukuleles, and we strummed a few tunes. Miss Kay played, Karen and I held down the C chord and pretended to play. During our intermission, we worked on painting daisy notecards and on glass votive candles. They did a great job.

Sherry always masters each project.

Miss Kay loves learning new things.

Karen can play a mean C chord and paint a mean candle. Mandy left before I could snap a picture.
I hung out until 5:30, then off too McKinney Creative Community pot luck at SPARC. That’s what the other batch of brownies was for. This is a great group of writers, artists, teachers and other creative people that meets the second Tuesday of each month. After chatting, socializing, and eating, we sit around in a big circle, taking turns introducing ourselves and sharing “what’s new and good.” It’s a great networking group, plus, there’s always good food and conversation.



It was a twelve hour tenacious Tuesday. Always crazy busy, always crazy fun.


Friday: Flowers, Fun, and Friends

10 May

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the mind.”
― Luther Burbank
The doorbell rang this morning around 10am. I scooted over to the door, but didn’t see anyone. Ah, I saw the UPS truck out by the street and a package by the door. A long, thin purple box that said 1-800 peeked out below the window. How exciting,

I opened up the box and found two dozen colorful tulips. The card inside said Happy Mother’s Day, Love Joe. Yesterday, when Matt called, he asked if I was going to around Sunday because he was sending something. That’s when you know that you raised your sons well. They love their mama. Thank goodness I have a lot of vases. Thank you God, for two wonderful sons.

Aren’t they pretty?

Later, I went to Towne Creek for my little senior art group. I brought some roses from my Knockout rose bushes. We worked on painting some scented votive candles and small glass bowls. Then, we had a feast of cheddar brats, snack mix, strawberry whipped cream cake and chocolate covered strawberries. More fun with friends on Friday.


It was a beautiful evening, so when I got home, I went for a long walk, even though I was pretty tired. Now, I’m writing this post. A long day… A good day!


Wednesday Words of Wisdom

17 Apr

Give me odorous at sunrise a garden of beautiful flowers where I can walk undisturbed. ~Walt Whitman
The sun was shining this morning, and the crisp morning air made my early walk/run very invigorating . I was also excited about a “girlfriend road trip” to the town of Anna in the afternoon. Lynne invited us to Join her for a visit to Luscombe farm to see the iris fields, have lunch in their quaint restaurant, and have a tour of the charming rustic farm. It was a perfect day for fields of flowers, photos and friends.



Beautiful irises in bloom and in bud, but even more spectacular were all the rustic and rusty buildings, farm equipment and amazing scenery.
You know what the best part of the entire spectacular day was? Yep! Spending time with wonderful, artistic, and creative friends. We were snapping dozens of pictures of beautiful blooming flowers, but we all got so excited over moldy wooden boards, rusty tin roofs, and a dilapidated out house. Wild, wacky girlfriends are the best!!!



Montage Monday: Music and Art

15 Apr

“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud.”
― Émile Zola
I LOVE THAT!!! “I am here to live out loud.” Everyone should live out loud.

I had another busy, eventful week. It was filled with art and wonderful artists, music and talented musicians, singing, dancing, tennis, food, fun and friends. Every day that ended with “Y” was filled to the brim and bursting. Yes, I am here to live out loud, y’all!

Here’s another week in a peek.



Sunday Sermon and Singer Song Writer Night

14 Apr

Of emotion, of love, of break up, of love and hate and death and dying, mama, apple pie, and the whole thing. It covers a lot of territory, country music does.
Johnny Cash
Today is Palm Sunday. Instead of sharing the sermon, I’ll share my own personal sermon. Patience is a virtue. Mass was very long, with the additional procession, passing out palms, reenactment, and singing. By the time mass was over, the parking lot was jammed with people trying to leave while the next group was looking for parking for the next Mass. So, instead of starting my car, trying to inch my way out into the long line, I just sat in my car for fifteen minutes, leaned back, checked my email on my phone, and practiced patience. That’s my sermon.

It was also a gloomy rainy morning. I went over to MPAC on the Square to help with the last day of the art show and clean up. My friend, Lynne, also helped all afternoon, and when we were done, the sun was out, we got a bite to eat, and Lynne invited me to join her at MPAC for the Crystal and Will Yates performance.

The Yates are extremely talented musicians living in McKinney. Crystal won the Texas title in the state round of the Texaco Country Showcase singer-songwriter competition, accompanied by her husband Will. This evening, there was a watch party at MPAC to support the couple’s success, listen to the story of their lives, and watch their performance at the Texaco Country Showcase. Crystal and Will also performed a future release for the audience.

You know what was the most amazing part of the performance? It wasn’t the music, the fabulous songs, or the support of the audience. It was how Will wiped tears from his eyes when he watched his wife win the award on the big screen, when they both cried on stage when Crystal won the completion, and when the people sitting in the tiny auditorium wiped tears from their eyes when they witnessed the genuine love the couple shared with each other and their fans. It was a moving event.


Country music can be very moving, but what makes it so real, is the heart and soul that the performers pour out from the depths of their total being.