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Theme Song Thursday: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

13 Dec

Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy is to have the real spirit of Christmas.
Calvin Coolidge
Today, the Art Club of McKinney had their annual Christmas luncheon at the heard-Craig Gallery. We were serenaded by the fabulous McKinney High School Harmony Group.They were amazing.

We were so inspired by the young voices that we had our own little sing-a-long after our ornament exchange and before our wonderful meal.

OK, we are bad singers, but we have a real good time. I was the lucky recipient of a beautiful ornament made from watercolor painted shaped flowers. Forgive me, I forgot the name of the charming and talented artist that created it, but here she is. She said it took her over ten hours to create.


Then, the “TOTS,” Table Of Talent Sisters, met at Snug on the Square to celebrate Gail’s, Lynne H.’s, and Della’s birthday. What a busy December! Isn’t it grand? Life is good!


Saturday on the Square: Home for the Holidays

1 Dec

Christmas waves a magic wand over the world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.
Norman Vincent Peale

Downtown McKinney celebrated Home for the Holidays this weekend. There were train rides for the children, live entertainment, skating, food and art vendors, and a gorgeous carousel. Of course, Santa was on hand for photos and to listen to the requests of the children for Christmas morning. Even the Grinch who stole Christmas was in a good mood. It was a fabulous Fall day on the Square.

Santa was the star of the show.

Chris and I sang, “You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch,” but this was a penitent Grinch. Very friendly.

Miss Jan and Miss Lynda dressed in old-time costumes represented Imaging on the Square and the Art Club of McKinney. Lovely hand-made costumes.

The charming carousel sparkled in the afternoon sun.

A cup of hot tea and an ooey-gooey bar at Sweet Spot bakery ended the visit and a spectacular sunset guided our way home.


Wednesday: Welcome To My World

21 Nov

I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music.
Joan Miro
My world is filled with colors and words. What a lovely world to live in!

Just a quick glance at my studio, or “crap room” as I like to call it.

What’s your world like?

Saturday Soliloquy

17 Nov

I am kind, wonderful, generous, creative, friendly, loving, frugal, hard-working, talented, happy, supportive and last but not least…modest. Did I miss anything? Not modest, but definitely all the rest. When I looked up the word “soliloquy,” it said: so·lil·o·quy\sə-ˈli-lə-kwē\
1 : the act of talking to oneself
2 : a dramatic monologue that represents a series of unspoken reflections
Other forms: plural so·lil·o·quies
Origin: Late Latin soliloquium, from Latin solus alone + loqui to speak.
First use: circa 1613

Today, I am talking to myself, telling myself that I have all the afore mentioned qualities. If I say it often enough, perhaps I will start believing it. Sometimes we are the last to “toot our own horns.” Why is that? I’m going to get the trumpets tooting and share an on-line story that was written about me by Rita Rita Cook, an award winning journalist who writes for the Dallas Morning News, Focus Daily News, Waxahachie Daily Light, Dreamscapes Travel Magazine, Porthole, Core Media, Fort Worth Star Telegram and many other publications in Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago. With five books published, her latest release is “A Brief History of Fort Worth” published by History Press.



To be or not to be? There is no question…I be…well, you name it. I just BE!

I was honored to be featured in this story and thrilled to share my talents and blessings with others. Life is good!

Friday: Friends, Fun and a Feast

16 Nov

Don’t get up from the feast of life without paying for your share of it.
Dean Inge
I had a pretty fun day today. Stein Mart was having an early bird special sale, so I got my bird up early and went shopping. Normally, I shop for an hour or two and come home empty handed. Not today. Everything fit perfectly, was unbelievably cheap, and my only problem was trying to haul it all back to my car. I got home in time to grab a bite to eat and pack up some supplies and food to take to my Towne Creek senior art group.

You know that old saying, “It’s either feast or famine?” Well, today we feasted. I brought taco chips and cheese dip, Karen brought homemade beef stew! Kris brought a platter of chips, cheese curls, and pretzel mix, and Della brought roasted chicken and strawberry cheesecake. Oh man! It was like Thanksgiving on steroids.

Kris brought her jewelry supplies to make angel book marks with our paper beads, and and Della brought things to make homemade gift bags. Everyone was working on fun projects and then we feasted. It was a wonderful day with friends.

Kris assists miss Nelma with her project.

20131115-221813.jpgMiss Bonnie decorated a bag with a bird and glitter. A little white trim was added to her birdhouse.


Mr. Angel was working on a painting, but came over to join “bag ladies.”

Then, the magnificent feast!

Don’t we have fun every Friday? I guess it’s either feast or feast. We never do the famine thing. Life is good when you pay for your share of the feast.

Theme Song Thursday

15 Nov

You gotta love Texas! The stars at night…are big and bright…everybody sing along…
Another great day with friends. It started out by attending the monthly Art Club of McKinney meeting in the morning. Did you know that we are the oldest art club in the state of Texas? We will be celebrating our 100th anniversary next November. Cool! Then off to lunch with girlfriends to celebrate miss Sherry’s birthday, then back home to work on my ornaments and painting. A fun, busy, creative day.

Ranger was on duty today. He has an official badge.

Art Club of McKinney guest speakers-quilter/artists, Debra Linker and Alice Wilhoit

Then lunch at Snug on the Square. Happy birthday Sherry. She liked my gift of hand-painted Yellow Rose of Texas wine glasses.

It was a fun-filled big as Texas kinda day. Oh, forgot to say, “y’all.”


Theme Song Thursday: Candle In The Wind

8 Nov

I’ve been stressing about what my theme for my hand-painted Christmas ornaments was going to be this year. At first, I wasn’t going to paint any at all, just bag it and throw in the towel. I haven’t been painting or doing anything artistic lately. I’m still writing, but I haven’t felt much in the Christmas spirit. With packing up, cleaning non-stop and getting my house ready to put on the market, the last thing I want to do is make a mess and have glitter dust everywhere. My life has been in such turmoil, and sometimes appears to get worse instead of better. But you know what? Screw it!!! (Can I say that? That’s about as vulgar as I can manage.) I probably won’t paint the hundreds of ornaments and matching boxes that I have in the past, but I have a few regular customers that really appreciate my work, and I’d hate to disappoint them. My dear friends and family will understand if they don’t get their annual gift this year. Maybe once I move and get settled, I can send belated gifts.

So, I think I’ve settled on some candles with some greenery for my theme. This is just a rough practice ornament, still without the glitter and glitz, but it made me think that right now, I’m living my life “like a candle in the wind.” It may be uncertain, but I’m still here, I’m still painting…the candle is still lit.

Just the prototype. They will look a lot nicer with names, date, glitter and 3 candles with greenery.

Here are some ornaments from Christmas’ past. Ok, maybe I’m getting in the spirit.



Sunday: Strangers or Friends

21 Oct

If a man be gracious and courteous to strangers, it shows that he is a citizen of the world.
Francis Bacon
I’m a huge proponent of talking to strangers. A simple kind word to someone you’ve never met could lead to an interesting conversation or even a possible friendship. I know, I know…it’s been drummed in your head, “NEVER talk to strangers!” Why is that? What does it hurt to say, “I love that necklace,” or “That blouse is beautiful. Where did you get that?”

This weekend, during my garage sale, I had the opportunity to talk to dozens of strangers. While strangers rummaged through my treasures, many different conversations arose. A woman who recently moved here from Kentucky told me about the craft projects she was working on. I even had a couple in depth conversations with some women that ended with exchanging hugs and well wishes. These were strangers, but we talked, shared stories, and exchanged kind words.

When I was checking my Facebook page earlier, one of my friends posted a video by photographer, Richard Rinaldi entitled, “Touching Strangers.” I LOVE this idea. Complete strangers were asked to pose and touch, hold, or embrace one another. That short connection brought them together, if only for a few moments, realizing that we are all part of the same large world. Wouldn’t it be great if all prejudice, barriers and fears could be erased by something as simple as accepting all people with a kind word or a simple touch. Watch the video. You’ll be impressed.


Freelance Friday

19 Oct

Day one of the big garage sale. We didn’t do a lot of advertising, just Facebook, friends, word of mouth and a few signs. We had a pretty nice turnout. Ed and Melanie were amazing to offer to host it at their home. Miss Sherry worked her little butt off helping all day.( Yes, she is a little bitty thing and has a little butt.) Hundreds of items and treasures found their way to new homes, but many more treasures available for tomorrow. It was a lot of work, but good work. We hauled so many things from my house to Melanie’s, and many unopened boxes and bags from previous moves were transported. While Sherry helped me open boxes and display items, a few precious items found their way back into my car. I found Joe’s Cabbage patch doll from the 80’s and a beautiful cross stitch gift from Vivian. Some things must be saved. NOW, the funniest thing was, my good friend Michele came and found a huge pile of great bargains… unfortunately, one of the items was a lovely journal that she had given me as a gift for Christmas just a couple years ago. I felt terrible. I said, “Oh no, let me save that!” She said, “That’s OK, I’ll just buy it and re-gift it.” Now, that’s a new twist on re-gifting! Buy your gift back at a garage sale and give it to someone else!

Embarrassing moment! Michele’s sad face.

It was a long day, but a fun day. It started to sprinkle around 2 pm, so we closed up early. I stopped at Dairy Queen and had nutritious lunch before going to my volunteer group with the seniors at Towne Creek.

Yes, nutritious. Ice cream and whipped cream…dairy. Hot fudge…chocolate comes from the cocoa bean…beans are legumes. The cherry on top is a fruit. All very good for you. NOT!!!!

After Towne Creek, Karen and I had pizza at the new Mellow Mushroom Pizza Place in McKinney. It was very good. More nutritious food.


When I got home, I called my sister, Jo, who said I was rambling and hyper and she recommended that a I have a drink, put my feet up and relax. Well, I am an obedient sister, so I fixed my famous Black Russian with chocolate ice cream. I did add some chocolate almond milk to the concoction of Kahlua and vodka. More healthy choices. Wow! I made some very excellent food and drink choices today, didn’t I? Tomorrow is another day, Scarlet!


Second Saturday on the Square

13 Oct

It’s so funny, my sister just messages me on Facebook to say, “I can’t go to sleep until I read your blob for today.” My 86 year old mom calls it a blob or a glob, she always forgets what it’s called. We always tease her.

Today, I had a more than amazing day. I met with my wonderful writing group at Sweet Spot bakery at 10am, followed by a leisurely lunch at Snug on the Square with Mandy. I walked around a little before driving home around 4pm. . At 5:30, I turned around and headed back to downtown McKinney for the Second Saturday festivities. I also stopped at Art on the Veranda with some of my hand painted glassware and ornaments. The owners, Judy and Dana, had offered to display some of my pieces on consignment in their store.




At 6, I met my friend Linda for dinner. We walked around, hoping to find an restaurant to enjoy the glorious evening. It was pretty packed everywhere and ended up at Spoons. Before we knew it, it was 9:30. Where did the time go. We scurried over to Orison’s Gallery to see Annie Royer’s artwork. She is an amazing artist, teacher and friend.


Back to Sweet Spot bakery for a scoop of chocolate ice cream and entertainment and sing along. Did I mention that I won two silent auction paintings benefiting Community Lifeline Center? Today was SPLENDIFOROUS!!!!