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Tuesday:) Today is Trini’s 90th Birthday~ Happy Birthday Mom

7 Jun

90 is a milestone that many may never know. Let’s celebrate your life and times, and all the things you love so. May your day be filled with wishes for a marvelous day, and may it be filled with those you love singing, “Happy Birthday!”**************************

My sweet Mom is 90 years young today. She is still the sweetest, most talented, loving person in the entire world.

Mom, 90 years ago with her parents Luz and Antoinette.

Mom around 70 years ago.

Mom right around now.

Still as beautiful as 90 years ago.

My favorite picture of me and Mom. 

Happy Birthday Mom!

Tuesday: Timeless Wisdom

17 Dec

Wisdom doesn’t necessarily come with age. Sometimes age just shows up all by itself. ~Tom Wilson
Today was Miss Eleanor’s actual birthday. We celebrated her birthday at our Towne Creek art group a couple of weeks ago, but today was a big day, she turned 90. Karen called a few friends and arranged a lunch and celebration at Snug on the Square. What could have been a quiet lonely birthday for a lovely lady, turned out to be a boisterous blow-out event with many friends and lots of presents.

Miss Kathy, her neighbor, had been working on this handmade wreath project for months. She told us that she was helping her daughter with a project, when in reality, she was making this gorgeous wreath for Miss Eleanor, all made with circles cut out from book pages. Fabulous!

Miss Eleanor and Miss Kathy are admiring the beautiful handmade throw/blanket crocheted by Karen.

Gail crocheted a dozen or more scarves as a gift, and even incorporated one into a holiday wreath. Very cute and very clever.

Sandra Nichols, the always delightful owner of Snug, stopped by to give Miss Eleanor a big hug and well wishes. (Snug hugs,)

If that wasn’t enough excitement for the day, we went over to Sweet Spot Bakery for dessert and to sing Happy Birthday. Miss Kathy White, owner and sensational singer, joined our celebration and sang a few holiday songs. Miss Elizabeth also popped out of the back from her busy baking schedule to visit.

It’s a wonderful feeling to bring joy to someone special. Someone who has lived 90 years and still going strong. Thanks Karen for arranging this special day. Miss Eleanor will remember this for a long time. Hopefully, a very long time.