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Wednesday:) Wonderful Fort Worth Museums

24 Nov

“When you look at a painting, it’s more than a canvas with  paint and a gilded frame. You are looking into the heart and soul of the artist.”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


“To preserve the past is to save the future…” ― Nanette L. Avery


It was a lovely sunny afternoon, a fine day to visit the Amon Carter and Kimbell Art Museums in Fort Worth. The Kimbell had a fine exhibit of Monet, The Early Years. Unfortunately, no photography was allowed, so I  have no pictures to share. But, here was the focal point as we entered. I just googled it. Very famous. And yes, it was displayed in this format. Apparently, some of the parts of the painting had been damaged over the years, and this is what remains.

The Amon Carter was just an amazing wealth of fabulous paintings and sculptures. I’ll let a few of my photos do the talking.

When I visit these amazing galleries, I am humbled. Being an artist and writer and a realist, I know that I’ll never attain this level of talent or immortality. But, I do know that loving fine art somehow brings you closer to it.