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Tuesday: Taking Time To Say Thank You

21 May

When a man becomes a fireman his greatest act of bravery has been accomplished. What he does after that is all in the line of work.
~Edward F. Croker
The charming seniors at Towne Creek Apartments hosted their second annual appreciation lunch for the McKinney firefighters. They spent the morning decorating, cooking, baking and preparing for the festivities. Everyone cheered each time another group of firemen and administrators stopped by. It was nice to see the handsome men in blue for a celebration instead of the many emergency situations. Yes, it was nice to say thank you.





After sharing a wonderful lunch of homemade salads, beans, pasta, pies, cakes and some delicious Dickey’s barbecue, there was a ton of yummy food left over. So, we packed it all up in dozens of containers and Miss Nelma and I drove over to three different fire stations that were unable to attend the lunch, and dropped of a huge bag of food. Each station was extremely appreciative.

Firefighter Rice over at Station#1 and Miss Nelma.

Firefighter Hendricks at Station #2

A group photo with the guys at Station #5. These are my guys. They’ve seen many a brownie or cupcake.

It was a full day of appreciation and saying thank you to those who do so much for us. Thanks guys and gals in blue!

Tribute Tuesday: Seniors Honor Local McKinney Firefighters with Appreciation Lunch

17 Apr

Today, I had the privilege of joining my senior friends at Towne Creek Apartments in honoring local firefighters with an appreciation lunch. This charming group of residents chipped in for food and supplies, cooked, baked, and decorated their activity room in preparation for the arrival of local McKinney firefighters and EMT personnel. They wanted to show their gratitude to the men and women in blue who always respond to their emergency calls so quickly and with such kindness.

The room was buzzing with anticipation as the ladies warmed the food and cut cakes and pies. Everything was prepared by noon, the invitation being for 12 to 2pm. When the first red vehicle pulled up at 12:20, hearts were racing. When the firemen shyly entered the room, they were greeted with applause and cheers.

A few minutes later, a fire truck and ambulance full of first responders from Station #1 entered to another warm welcome and round of applause. The residents at Towne Creek were delighted to be able to show their appreciation by hosting a luncheon and getting a chance to serve those who serve the community.




All the ladies had outdone themselves with all their cooking and baking, which meant a ton of left over food. I had baked my usual brownies, and had a small container in my car that I was going to take over to Station #2 on my way home, so the ladies packed up all the remaining trays of brisket, chicken, salads, veggies and desserts for me to take to the station.

Miss Nelma wanted to come along to help with the delivery, so we drove over with my car packed to the brim with food. It took the guys at Station #2 a couple trips to take all the food in. The men were so delighted that they asked if we’d like to come in for some tea. How sweet is that? We declined the tea, but said we’d love to see the station. Miss Nelma enjoyed the personal tour, asking questions and sharing stories.

There is no greater feeling than showing your appreciation and saying thank you to those who do so much for us. Every day should be appreciation day! Is there someone you want to thank?

The guys at Station #2

Miss Nelma loved the personal tour and charming firefighters

Wednesday: Words of Wisdom and Quote of the Day

13 Mar

O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?

Percy Bysshe Shelley


Winter has been coming and going like a revolving door here in North Texas. One day, it might be 80 degrees and another in the 30’s. The parched grey lawns are starting to show little patches of pale green, and the trees and bushes are beginning to flower. The colorful palette of Spring is painting the landscape with glorious color. Enjoy each blossom and appreciate each day. Thank goodness for Spring!



Saturday Salutations: Tipping Your Conscience

17 Feb

The sunshine was inviting, but the outside temp was still a little chilly, well, at least for Texas. It was one of those stay under the covers kinda days, and since my morning writing group was cancelled, that’s just what I did. Of course, that doesn’t last too long when you have a nine month old puppy the size of a Shetland pony barking incessantly.

My Saturday usually entails taking care of the dogs, checking emails and Facebook, calling Mom, frantically trying to type something witty to take to writing group, and fighting with an uncooperative printer. Then I’d scurry off to the Square for our meeting, have lunch at Snug, and walk around visiting with friends. Yep, pretty much my routine every Saturday.

Today was pleasantly different. After taking care of the dogs, a leisurely cup of tea and the newspaper were my companions. I watched more mindless television and did all that email stuff. But, something strange happens when you are used to scrambling around. You start to get antsy by noon. So, I called my friend, Della, and we met at Olive Garden for lunch. I know what you’re thinking, “Yuck! Olive Garden?” But, it was a brisk soup and salad kinda day, so there!

Our young waiter’s name was Jake. He probably wasn’t old enough to shave yet, but he was very attentive and did a great job. Jake brought us more salad, refilled drinks, and pretty much worked his butt off for his little measly compensation. I have this philosophy about tipping at restaurants. It really isn’t the amount of your bill that you should use to calculate for your tip, but the amount of service and the circumstance.

I have been to fancy-dancy restaurants where the waiter comes by a couple times, pours some expensive wine and gets 20% of a $400 check for a couple minute’s work. Poor Jake hustled for about an hour and a half, probably stopped by ten times, and my bill was $7.50. I ask you, how is that fair? 20% would have only been $1.50, and a lot of people don’t even tip 20%. I left the kid $11, and even felt guilty about that. That’s over 40%, but the young man treated us like royalty and deserved every penny.

On our way out, I made sure to tell the hostess that Jake was an excellent server. I find that people tend to complain about poor service, but rarely compliment good service. So, think about that the next time you go out to eat. Tip your conscience, not the numbers. All the Jakes in the world will appreciate it.