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Saturday:) Sanctuary Sketches

10 Oct

“They say practice makes perfect, but sometimes it just means you need more practice.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Thursday, I spent a couple of hours sketching in the Sanctuary at St. Gabriel. I just spent a few hours trying g to finish it up. I discovered that I still need a LOT MORE practice with faces. Thank goodness for the cool Artisto app on my phone, because this one needed a lot of help.

Yikes. Sorry Jesus! I need a lot more practice.

Tuesday:) Toni’s Hall of Fame

6 Oct

“Surround yourself with people and things you love.”

-Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Today, I finally got around to framing and hanging my two drawings I did of my granddaughters. It was just a simple drawing with a white pencil on black paper. But, I loved it. I have this thing about procrastination and I put things off. Today was the day to get out the hammer.

My little angels.

I have so many of my paintings hanging in my house that I had trouble finding a wall to hang them.

Saturday:) Some More Sanctuary Sketches

3 Oct

“Each sketch, each drawing, each painting brings me closer to the realization that…I’ll never be a world famous artist. But, it sure is a wonderful learning experience.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Thursday afternoon, I drove over to St. Gabriel’s for Adoration and sketching in the Sanctuary. I had started a sketch of the crucifix above the altar the week before, but I didn’t get very far. For some reason, the depth of the symbolism is quite distracting. Could I possibly do it justice? This crucifix reference happens to be the very first in my series of Sanctuary Sketches many months back. I gave that original sketch to Father Don that day when he was giving the new seminarian a tour of the church. I realized that wanted to have an original sketch of my own to keep. Not to mention, I’ve gotten a tiny bit better in my drawing skills since then.

My rough draft and proportions were a bit off. I didn’t realize until I was fully committed that I ran out of room for Jesus’ feet. Oh no. When I sketch, I try and leave white space at the top and bottom for my photos and applications. Oops!
I always take a photo of my subject so I can zoom in on the detail and also to finish up at home. Otherwise I’d be at church all day.
Time to go home and finish up another day.
OK, here’s my funny story. I didn’t like how poor Jesus had no feet. So, I got another sheet of watercolor paper and added it to the bottom, just adding a little extension to the feet and cross. Unfortunately, it left a little line on the photo. I was happy with most the rest of the sketch. But, I was hoping the apps on Artisto wouldn’t make the line too pronounce.
Some of the Artisto applications….
I think this one might be my favorite. Very simple and soft. Which one do you like best?


Friday Friends and Food and Fun Art at Towne Creek

25 Sep

“Friday friends are the best.”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I know the days go by fast and the weeks slip away, but the entire month sort of flashed before my eyes. Today was our Towne Creek Young At Heart Art Group.

Helene and I prepared a lot of fun food and beverages and snacks, and I prepared some artsy projects to work on. Seeing as it is Hispanic Heritage month, I decided we could work on the Dia de Los Muertos coloring page. McKinney is going to have their first annual event on the Square this year. I’m very excited because I’m going to be one of The judges for the costume contest. Cool!

Food preparation at my house. Sandwiches, hot dogs, pudding, popcorn snack medley, and ice cream sandwiches in the freezer. Helene brought bags of chips, fresh strawberries and cheese dip and crackers. (We get carried away,)
Miss Kathy’s page turned out so awesome. The dried rose hanger and black ribbon added to the theme.
Miss Bonnie had fun with bright colors. She was so sweet, she gave me her finished project.
We even got Miss Helene to make a funny face.
Miss Linda chose to paint a little trinket box instead of the skull. It kinda made her nervous.
A nice prayer of thanks and time for our feast.Ha

Pay Friday, my friends. I hope you had a fun and fine day too.

Throwback Thursday:) Cookie Monster in Spanish. Monstruo de las Galletas

24 Sep

“A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.”

~ Barbara Johnson


Wow! Did you know that Cookie Monster is 55 years old? His birthday is November 2. He looks pretty good for his age. Must be all the clean livin’ and lots of cookies.

1966 . Cookie Monster constantly eats anything and everything, but cookies are his favorite. Cookie Monster evolved from a monster created by Jim Henson for a General Foods Canada commercial in 1966. This character advertised the snack foods Wheels, Crowns, and Flutes along with two other monsters and was known as the Wheel Stealer. The puppet was created in 1969 for Sesame Street.

For instance, Sesame Street’s lovable cookie-devouring Cookie Monster has a real first name, and it isn’t Cookie: it’s Sid.


This afternoon, I met with my little Spanish/English practice group, Los Charlatintos. We try to meet once a week for conversation and practice. Some of us work on our Spanish and others on their English. I guess I need to practice both.

Today, my assignment was to lead a little discussion on art, painting, or drawing. I found a cute and short video in Spanish that demonstrated how to draw a Cookie Monster face. I sent the video out last week with words to practice or become familiar with like lápiz, goma de borrar, azul, galleta , etc. ( Pencil, eraser, blue, Cookie.)


Instead of just a discussion, I brought paper, colored pencils and a clipboard, and we drew step-by-step, a Cookie Monster Face. We practiced saying all the 12 colors in the pencil box. There were many words I wasn’t sure of, so Ubaldo assisted with those. It was fun. Hands on learning.

Pretty good for a first attempt. Nice drawing. Bonito dibujo.
Great job. This one looks very happy. Muy feliz.
Self portrait, perhaps? Autorretrato tal vez?
“Me love cookies!” “ Me encantan las galletas.”

Words to live by… “Make learning fun and eat more cookies!”

Saturday:) Special Sanctuary Sketches

19 Sep

“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.”

~Richard Bach


I have been finding great joy and peace during my visits to St. Gabriel’s for Adoration and meditative sketching in the Sanctuary. I started a sketch two weeks ago, but never got around to finishing it until this evening. It’s the stained glass window called, “The Visitation.”

Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth, both pregnant. Elizabeth carrying the baby John the Baptist who leaps in her womb when in the presence of Mary and her son Jesus, in Mary’s womb. “Blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus.”
My finished pencil sketch. Now, to apply the awesome Artisto applications.
A few of my favorites.

Thursday:) Birds of a Feather

16 Sep

“Hope is a thing with feathers.”

– Emily Dickinson


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of participating in a glass mosaic workshop with Wendolin Mercado over at The Art House. I wasn’t sure what kind of project we were going to work on, but I knew if Wendolin was leading the class, it would be wonderful. It always is.

We were cutting glass, nipping pieces, grinding and putting glass beads pieces strategically on a wooden feather base. Fun!

Here is what the other gals were working on. I was lucky. I got all my pieces glued down before I left. Three hours flew by. I decided that I would grout mine myself instead of waiting a week or so to go back and grout. (Patience is not my best attribute.)

Here’s my feather before the grout. All those tiny pieces were not easy to maneuver.

I had some pale grey grout, so I added a little black acrylic paint to darken it up a little.

Here’s my finished feather. It still needs to finish drying and buffing, I think it turned out pretty darn good. What do you think?

THANK YOU, Wendolin.

Saturday:) Sanctuary Sketches

5 Sep

“Sketching on a regular basis requires you to pay close attention to the visual world around you. With practice, you begin to see things you never noticed before.” Paul Laseau


My Sanctuary Sketches have become very inspirational. I look forward to the quiet time, but also practicing my drawing skills. I always have to laugh because when I begin sketching faces and hands, the figures tend to look like Quasimodo, and that’s just the female figures. 🤦‍♀️

Thursday, I spent a couple of hours at church. A very nice meditative time.

My friend, Helene, happened to be at Adoration at the same time and captured a photo of me sketching the stained glass window of The Assumption of Mary.
My initial sketch in the Sanctuary.
I I worked about two more hours this evening to finish this sketch. Then, to add some of my favorite Artisto apps to my sketch.
One of my favorites.
Just a few of my favorites.

Happy Saturday, my friends.

Toni’s Tuesday Time-lapse Video:) Watercolor Hummingbird

31 Aug

“either you take in believing in miracles or you stand still like the hummingbird.”

~Henry Miller


A simple watercolor project with watercolor paper and I expensive paints, a big brush and a fine brush, (papa bear and baby bear brushes) water, and a stencil.

Wet on wet technique. Brush clear water over entire surface, then drop in colors going from lights to darks. I like the lighter colors in the middle so the stencil will show up. Remember, watercolor always dries a bit lighter, so don’t be afraid of bright colors.
I used a hummingbird stencil, but there are thousands to choose from. I was planning my art project for my seniors at Towne Creek.

Because I am a hoarder… I mean, a collector of anything that can be used for an art project, I had some sticks and twigs from my yard or from flowers that I’ve received as gifts. Never waste a fine stem.

I attached the paper to the twig by making a fold over the twig, then taped the back to secure, and added some twine to make a hanger. If you watch the video below, you will see that young and old can create a beautiful wall hanging for any occasion.

Friday:) Fun Art, Food and Friends at Towne Creek

28 Aug

“Be willing to share your blessings. The only riches that last are the ones that are given away.”

-David Khalil


Tada! Today was our Towne Creek Senior Art Group. Such a nice group of ladies who love to learn new painting techniques and draw and just have fun with arts and crafts. Helene and I bring food and drinks and snacks and we just party all afternoon, 2-6 pm.

I did a quick watercolor demo, and I like to make them laugh when I paint with my eyes closed, looking the other way. It’s just to show them to relax and not be so worried about details. Just have fun.
Everyone had fun and learned a few tips and tricks along the way.

Around 5 pm, Helene and I prepare our feast. But, while they are working, we have snacks and cookies.Today, the feast was pizza 🤦‍♀️, lemonade, unicorn pudding (rainbow cupcake flavor), and root beer floats for dessert.

Now, I’ll tell you the hilarious story about baking the pizzas in the oven.

I set the oven for 380, and popped in the pizzas around 5pm. About ten minutes went by, and the smoke detector above the oven started to sound with a piecing chirp. Oh no! There was no smoke, so we opened the door and started fanning the ceiling with large plastic trays. Chirp! It continued. Helene and I took turns fanning at the annoying detector. We were afraid it would set off the alarm and then the cute firemen would have to come and all 50 residents would have to evacuate. We kept fanning. I turned off the oven when the pizzas were almost done. Miss Fay went up to her apartment and got a big fan and we placed it on the floor facing up and the annoying chirping alarm. What gives?

Well, you probably guessed. We finally figured out that it was the low battery chirp because it never did stop. 🤦‍♀️ what are the chances it would happen when we started baking pizzas. Maintenance is gone until Monday, so it will keep chirping until then.

It was a good day. A little strange, but good. I was so tired when I got home, I threw myself on my bed for an hour, just to get off my feet. Did I mention that I also entertain the ladies with dancing the “Cupid Shuffle” and singing “Proud Mary?” I brought my karaoke microphone. I told them that I would keep singing until they paid me to stop. I got a few offers. That’s my new idea. I think I could make good money by singing, and people would pay to stop. My new career.

Happy Friday, my friends. CHEERS!