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Sunday Sermon and Some Awesome MAST Artists on the Square

14 Nov

“Your life is a beautiful blank canvas. You have the choice of splashing it with the most gorgeous and spectacular colors, by doing what you love.”

~ Hiram Nagda


Woa! It was freezing out there this morning, literally. It was only 30° when I got up for church. That’s the bad news. The good news is, it was a perfect morning to wear my sock monkey hat while greeting before Mass.

I caught Helene on her way inside. I received a lot of compliments on my hat this morning. 🤦‍♀️

Today’s Gospel was the story of Jesus telling the people not to be deceived and not to follow false prophets.

From the Gospel according to Luke
Lk 21:5-19

While some people were speaking about
how the temple was adorned with costly stones and votive offerings,
Jesus said, “All that you see here–
the days will come when there will not be left
a stone upon another stone that will not be thrown down.”……

My take on it… there was a lot more to this lengthy Gospel, but the gist of it… we won’t know when the last day will come, and there may be false prophets, persecution, wars, and mayhem, so all you can do is be ready.


After Mass, we stopped at McD and Tom Thumb. Then I scurried home so Sid and I could get over to the Square to check out some more MAST artists.

Our first stop was Jump Into Art Studios to visit my dear friend and awesome artist, Sherri Murphy. (I even wore my black beret to feel more artsy.)
A few more cool artists displaying and painting in the cool art building.
A few fantastic potters and a pet portrait artist.
Wayne and Valerie have fantastic individual studios behind their home. A “She shed” and a “He shed.”
Then, The Last Art Gallery for our last stop of the day. McKinney certainly has so many awesome artists.

I feel so blessed to be a part of this amazing art community and to be friends with so many wonderful artists.

Happy Sunday, my friends.

Saturday:) Some Super Cool Art and Artists

12 Nov

“Sometimes you just have to create to feel alive.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I made another super quick time-lapse video to show how to paint snowy trees on a maple leaf. It’s quick and fun and has glitter. Who doesn’t love glitter.

Check out the video. It’s just a few seconds long. 👩🏻‍🎨


Then this afternoon, Sid and I went over to Leticia Herrera’s house for our first stop for the McKinney Art Studio Tour. (MAST) She and Teresa Krieger were displaying their art work. And… her house is just down the road from me. Win-win.

Beautiful artwork and awesome studio.

Teresa does stunning abstracts, colorful painting, and resin work.

If you’re interested in some beautiful art and meeting awesome artists in their studios, check out MAST. McKinney Artist Studio Tour for maps and details.

Thursday:) The Art Club of McKinney November Meeting

11 Nov

“Every artist puts their heart and soul into every creation. Some even add a little DNA with their blood, sweat and tears.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


This morning was the November meeting of the Art Club of McKinney. The beginning of the meeting recalled the minutes, events, welcomed guests and new members, artist of the month, and raffle. After the business part, a very lovely brunch was served.

Here’s the thing. When I got to the parking lot, a sudden panic overcame me. I left my cell phone home in the kitchen on the charger. 🤦‍♀️ I walked in and found Sherri Murphy and threw my hands up in the air and said, “ I feel naked and afraid! I left my phone at home.” She said I could borrow her phone to take pictures, as she had her fancy dancy real camera. Unfortunately, she has an android and most of the pictures I took didn’t come out. 🤦‍♀️

Our guest speaker and artist demonstrator was the amazing Pernie Fallon, talking about and demonstrating painting with pastels.

If you aren’t an artist familiar with pastels, it’s not like the colorful chalk that we used as kids or in school. Pastels are pure pigment with a binder added to stabilize. (Miss a Pernie schooled us on that. Never call it chalk. Pastel artists will cringe.🤦‍♀️)

I had to borrow some photos from her Facebook page to show you some of her amazing pieces. Pernie did a demonstration of a brilliant sky, adding layer upon layer of pastels, blending with the side of her closed hand. (Thus, adding her DNA from her skin and oils.)
This is similar to the demonstration that she did for us.

Pernie Fallon’s artwork, along with many others will be displayed during MAST McKinney Artist Studio Tour this weekend. If you love art and would love to meet the artists in their studios, check it out. http://www.mckinneyartstudiotour.com Thank you Miss Pernie.

Pernie Fallon


“Known for her powerful and intense color work, Pernie Fallon’s landscape paintings in pastel or oil are vivid and painterly. Upon closer examination, there are qualities that are not so obvious on the surface. ­Compelled to paint outdoors, she thrives on the exposure to the forces of Nature — the fierceness of the land, the impulsiveness of the fleeting light, the moodiness of the sky and wind. Fallon’s paintings transcend the beauty of place with unexpected emotion, movement, and life.”


The Magnolia Tree Retreat
1102 N. Graves Street
McKinney, TX 75069 (home)

Website: www.perniefallon.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/perniefallon
Instagram: www.instagram.com/perniefallon

Thursday:) The Art Club of McKinney

13 Oct

“When you represent a club it’s about values and qualities, not about passports.”

~Arlene Wenger


Today was the October meeting of the Art Club of McKinney, which has the distinction of being the oldest art club in the state of Texas.

After discussing usual club business, like minutes, treasurer reports, the upcoming student art show, etc., were treated to a lovely brunch break before our presentation.

Our guest speaker was the very talented award winning Robin Pedrero.

Robin gave an awesome presentation on abstract art, then had the group create a collaborative abstract paper project.
The monthly meetings also feature ARTIST OF THE MONTH where members can bring a piece of art to vote on for the honor of artist of the month and a possible 1st and 2nd gift card prize winners.
There is also a raffle where two or three artists donate something for the raffle. Hmm… I wonder who donated these awesome yellow rose wine glasses? 🤦‍♀️ Miss Judy won the two wine glasses.
Then, a few members stopped at Layered on the Square for lunch. A fun group, and a fun day.

Friday:) Fun Art Friends at Towne Creek

1 Oct

“You can never have to many artsy friends, especially when you can be creative together.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Well, another Friday with my friends at Towne Creek Apartments. I decided we should work on some Halloween projects so they can have something fun to hang on their door or wall. their door. How about a spooky haunted house?

It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the haunted house was colored in with markers and is dimensional, standing out about 1/2 in from the page. John said this was his first time coloring and he’d be back next time.
Miss Nancy went with a blood red house and scary ghosts flying around.
Miss Kathy’s was so cool, and she was done in record time, so she painted some watercolor pumpkin note cards.
Miss Bonnie had fun and started on another coloring page.
Miss Michelle is a high school volunteer that comes to help out.
Great haunted houses. I need to make one.
Miss Dorothy came to join us after work. She didn’t get to work on a project or even eat, but she helped clean up the mess and do the dishes. Thanks!
Very talented folks,
I did a quick demo of a watercolor pumpkin on a notecard. Quick and easy.
Then, we end our day with our feast. Lots of food, fun, and conversation.
Good times!

Thursday:) The Art Club Of McKinney and Some Artist Friends

9 Sep

“All forms of madness, bizarre habits, awkwardness in society, general clumsiness, are justified in the person who creates good art.”

-Roman Payne


This morning was the September meeting of the Art Club of McKinney. I haven’t been back to the Art Club meetings since B.C., Before Covid. It was wonderful to back and see so many old artist friends and meet some new ones.

The officers gave us an update of the club’s minutes, agenda, treasurer’s report and upcoming events.

Our guest speaker was Cindy Gilstrap, giving an awesome presentation on art journaling. Cindy brought all kinds of beautiful examples of art journals and altered books, also demonstrating various techniques. So interesting.

Very inspirational.
Robin and Darby won the artist choice for the paintings they brought in. At each meeting, artists can bring a piece of artwork to display, and the members vote for first and second place.

It was great to be back at Art Club and start getting back into the swing of things. I was inspired. Maybe I’ll try some art journaling. We certainly have some amazing local artists.

Cindy is a member of The MillHouse and teaches classes there. You can get more info at JunqueArt.com or @junqueart on Instagram.


After the Art Club meeting, I walked over to the library and then strolled around town. I went over to The Art House to visit with Wendolin Mercado in her newly renovated studio. She was finishing up a student class with another group on the way. Wendolin is a fun and funky artist, teaching all sorts of interesting classes. Everything from jewelry making, leather crafting , photography, knife throwing, and more. You name it, she does it.

Gosh, even her cat Cosmo enjoys participating.

It was a great artsy kinda day. Thankful Thursday. Feeling blessed and inspired by so many artist friends.

Friday:) Friends and Fun Art at Projects Towne Creek

27 Aug

“Sharing and caring and creating with friends is the best!”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Another fun art day at Towne Creek Senior Apartments. The smiles are worth gold, and we have a good time.

I do spend a lot of time preparing food, snacks, and projects to work on. I never know if we will have 3 or 13 folks, so we have to be prepared.

Our theme today was Fall leaves. Wishful thinking. Hoping Fall weather
will soon be here.
We drew leaves, painted on leaves, and collaged with leaves. Then, when all was said and done, everyone agreed, “Miss Toni is Amazing,” and I had to agree.
Then for our feast. We sure know how to have a good time. Good friends, awesome artwork, and fine food.
Happy Friday my friends!

Monday:) McKinney Creative Community

9 Aug

“Create with the heart; build with the mind.” – Criss Jami


McKinney Creative Community meets on the second Monday of each month over at The MillHouse on the east side of McKinney. The old refurbished warehouse has been revamped into a stunning artist coop and makers space. MCC has been meeting for many years and at many different locations throughout the years, but The MillHouse has to be, hands down, the most spacious and beautiful space that we have ever had the privilege to use.

The meeting is a potluck social of networking, and informational sharing of local creative minds. In other words, an excuse for creative people to meet, greet, share, and learn more about the arts. We have artists, writers, dancers, potters, musicians, etc. You name it, if it’s creative, it is represented.

After our potluck socializing, and meet and greet, our guest speaker was a very knowledgeable and informative attorney who specializes in Intellectual Property, Business Law, Non-profit, and Benefit Corporation Law.

Ms. Goodson was an amazing speaker. There was so much information offered that my brain was exploding. Like any other professional occupation, I didn’t realize all the laws and liabilities that creative occupations entailed, like contracts, intellectual property, patents, copyrights, LLCs, registrations, trademarks, logos, branding, confidentiality provisions and more. Yikes!

Well, that settles that. No way I can be a prolific professional artist. Too much paperwork and mind boggling red tape.

Everyone had a good time and we all learned a lot. Thank you Sammetrial Goodson for your presentation, and thank you Andrea Holmes and Tom Michero and Silky Hart Michero for hosting this awesome event.

Great evening over at The MillHouse!

Friday:) Fun Art Friends At Towne Creek and My Firemen

30 Jul

“I love my fabulous frantic frenzied FridayS with my fabulous art friends at Towne Creek Apartments. Sharing is caring.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


My house is usually a chaotic mess for a couple of days preparing for my art group at Towne Creek. I’ve been volunteering there for over 15 years. The funny part is, I never run out of ideas to share with the group. Granted, some projects we’ve done a few times before, but we are all seniors, so we probably forgot what we did five or six years ago…thank goodness.

My biggest dilemma is what food to prepare for our feast. Instead of hot dogs, I decided to make sandwiches and homemade potato salad. Of course, more triple lemon pudding cheesecake cupcakes and some watermelon. I wasn’t going to make my popcorn/pretzel/cereal snack mix, but I decided last minute that they really look forward to the snack for watching tv later in the evening. A busy couple of days in the kitchen. Then, a few hours preparing art projects and packing up supplies.

My potato salad was awesome. I sautéed the onions and celery, used little baby potatoes and hard boiled eggs. So good. Always sauté your onions/celery. It gives us a sweet caramelized flavor.

This is my refrigerator on Art day. 🤦‍♀️

Then, pack up the car and off to the east side for a day of arts, painting, crafts, feasting, laughing, singing and friendship.

Everyone hard at work, painting their wine bottles. NO… we didn’t drink the wine first, if you were wondering. 🤦‍♀️🍷
Instead of baking them in an oven, we set them outside in the 100° outdoor oven for a while to dry before adding the next layers.
I brought red roses so each artist could have a rose for their awesome new wine bottle vase. 🌹 They were all amazing, but Miss Kathy’s red roses on her pink bottle was just perfect.
I painted a couple of examples for them to get some ideas.

It was another “amazing” art day at Towne Creek. And, everyone will agree, and I’ve been told, because…. Miss Toni is….. wait for it…. “AMAZING.”

And, I can’t forget my firemen. We made a couple of stops with treats on Wednesday for our awesome firefighters.

We stopped at Station 5 with my cupcakes and a huge tray of sandwiches that Dave Manders donated after the Celebration of Life funeral Mass.
My buddies at Station 9.
A busy week, a busy Friday.

Happy Friday my friends! 🤗

Saturday on the Square:)Art Show at the Cove

24 Jul

“Exhibitions are kind of ephemeral moments, sometimes magic moments, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.”

Hans-Ulrich Obrist


This evening , Sid and I went to the The Cove Art Show over on the Square. Several of my friends were displaying their beautiful work this weekend. It’s always great to see their artwork and their beautiful smiles. Most of the Artists were from the Jump Onto Art Studios.

If you haven’t been over to the Cove on Tennessee, you should swing by when they have an art show, always fun.
Sherri Murphy had quite the display of awesome artwork.
Maylee, the Mayor’s wife stopped in to check out the show. Miss Magda did such a wonderful job as hostess., fine artist in her own right.
I hadn’t see Miss Erma in ages. Such a fun surprise to catch up.

A wonderful show and great visit with friends.