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Saturday on the Square:) My Little Town

10 Jun

“There may be no secrets in small towns, but there are no strangers either.”

R.A. Mathis


McKinney feels like a little town when you are walking around the charming Square. The city itself is busting at the seams with growth. But, I still love my little town.

In the 2010 census, the city’s population was 131,117, making it Texas’s 19th-most populous city. The most recent population estimate, produced by the city as of January 1, 2018, is 179,804. As of May 2017, McKinney City was the third-fastest-growing city in the United States.

I spent the afternoon with my friend, Loretta. We went to a movie at the old McKinney 14 theater in the afternoon, (that’s for another day) then went over to the square for the Second Saturday.

We were so lucky to find a parking spot in the first lot right away. That alone was a miracle. Our first stop was to visit with Kathy, Elizabeth, and Kaylyn at Sweet Spot Bakery. Ice cream and iced tea on a hot day was perfect.

We sat and chatted and shared stories. Then, back out into the heat to check out the artists and musicians dotted along the Square.

Loretta and Annie became fast friends, with so many mutual interests and mutual friends.

As we walked around, we ran into other friends, and enjoyed checking out the artwork and music along the way.

Kim Guthrie, always among the talented artists displaying her work.

Unfortunately, with all the hustle-bustle and searching for parking, there was a car accident on the corner. It looks like no one was hurt, just a couple of banged up cars.

Our last stop was a few blocks away at The Cove. There was a special event called “Space, Time & Love: The 3 Dimensions of Life.” Featuring the paintings and music of Steven Wright.

I drove Loretta back to her car back at the theater, then home. It was a very busy fun Saturday.

Friday:) Fun With My Fine Artist Friends

2 Jun

“If I can contribute to people having fun, I would feel very fulfilled as an artist.”



Another steamy hotter than H-E- double hockey sticks here in North Texas. I got up early, well early for me, 7:30. That’s early because I go to bed around 2 am. I walked the dog for about 20 minutes, only in the shady sections of the park. Then, I put on my sunglasses and stoic SuperGirl disposition and went for a long hour walk. I walked on the other side of the subdivision where the trees are taller and offered some much needed shade.

This afternoon, I spent some time gathering art supplies for my senior art group at Towne Creek. We meet the first Friday of the month. It isn’t always easy coming up with new art projects and fun food to take for our feast. I dipped my chocolate brownie bites, put together food for our feast. I was taking hot dogs, Cokes and 7 Up, Doritos, black-eyed pea salsa, nacho cheese dip, and little fruit pies, cookies, and dipped brownie bites. The only thing I didn’t have at home was ice cream. We had to have ice cream. It’s hot out. So, I stopped at Walmart on the way to Towne Creek and got salted caramel ice cream to put on the warmed up pies. Yum!

We had our feast first. Usually we paint first, but everyone was hungry. I hadn’t eaten all day. Our friend, Dorothy, was able to join us today because it was the last day of school and the kids got out early.

After the feast, we got down to business. We worked on another mixed media painting/collage project.

A blank canvas can be intimidating, but not for these intrepid troupers. We painted blue skies and cut out beautiful backgrounds from some calendars, layering for a 3-D effect.

I even played some salsa music and Dorothy and I danced a little. But, back to work. Oh, the funny part… when the paint was still pretty wet, I said, “Let’s put these out to dry outside in the heat. They’ll be dry in two minutes.” It would have been funny if it wasn’t true, they did dry in two minutes, it was nearly 100 degrees out there today.

Finished projects. They turned out great. I love my YAH YAH art group… the YOUNG AT HEART artists at Towne Creek.

Friday Friends:) Amazing Artists and the Magnificent Murphy’s

5 May

“The energy you give off is the energy you receive. I really think that, so I’m always myself – jumping, dancing, singing around, trying to cheer everybody up.”

~Cara Delevingne


My Friday was filled with friends all day long. Friends to cry with, friends to laugh and paint with, friends to drink and smile with. I have been blessed with the most amazing friends.

My senior artist friends at Towne Creek were delighted to see all my pictures from the Empty Bowls Charity event yesterday. We started out our session with ice cream bars, pictures and laughing, then down to our painting. Our project today was mixed media on canvas. We painted skies, then cut out photos from calendars to add to the fore ground. We taped some cardboard behind to add dimension.

They did a wonderful job.

Miss Bonnie’s had three layers. Hard to tell from this picture, but it was so cool.

Miss Nelma worked on a desert scene.

Miss Kathy loved her accidental moon in the sky with layers of mountains, water and flowers.

I just did a quick demo to show them how to paint a sky and use crinkled plastic and paper towels for texture.

While I was at Towne Creek, I received a text from my friend Sherri asking if today was Black Russian Friday. Well, of course. Is the Pope Catholic? What a lovely surprise after a long busy day.

Friends don’t let friends drink alone on Friday night. A busy fun day with great friends. I am truly blessed.

Saturday:) On the Square and Elswhere

15 Apr

“We have all known the long loneliness and we have learned that the only solution is love and that love comes with community.”

Dorothy Day


This morning, my friend, and “World’s Greatest Realtor,” Linda Grossman, invited some friends to join her volunteering at PSA McKinney, handing out flyers and promoting LOVE LIFE FOUNDATION. There is a fun run/walk coming up next Saturday at Adriatica to support this worthy cause.

Maylee Thomas

What We Do

Our Mission

To further expose the plight of “at risk” women and children in our community and beyond by promoting awareness in our neighbors, family and friends, encouraging their generosity and inspiring them to become involved.  To provide support, aid and hope to help these innocent victims learn how to love life.

A Few of Our Beneficiaries:

• Casa

• Collin County Children’s Advocacy Center

• Genesis Room

• Hope’s Door

• McKinney ISD

• The Rainbow Room

• The Samaritan Inn

Me, Linda, Loretta and Julie.

After our time volunteering, we scooted over to the Square for ARTS IN BLOOM festivities. This three day festival features fine artists, fun food and drinks, festive music, and more. The best part for me was running into friends on the Square and visiting with many of my artist friends.

Jenni Tomlinson, amazing artist and good friend.

Lynda Kingsley had her beautiful watercolors and resin tiles.

So many friends, so little time. Hi, Miss Annie Royer.

Brad Donaldson displayed rows and rows of his amazing resin artwork pieces, furniture and paintings.

Lisa Labarge is a phenomenal potter. I really need to take some classes. Such amazing work.

Leslie Ortega and her clever and whimsical pet portraits.

There were dozens and dozens of other booths and tents and friends to see.

Linda and I got to talking to this young man, Clay. He was helping his family at their booth. Linda said the olde fashioned soda was amazing, so we had to try some. It was. We chatted with Clay and told him about some of the cool arts and music venues in McKinney. He’s a musician by night and a mortgage banker for his day job that pays the bills. He’d like to venture out more with his singing. I told him that maybe he should sing his mortgage quotes and serenade his customers, then he could have the best of both worlds. Hmm…I don’t think he’s going to try it. Couldn’t hurt, though.

After a LONG day of fun in McKinney, the four amigas stopped for some refreshments at Lone Star Wine Cellars, where we bumped into another group of friends.

You’ve gotta love your community, because it always loves you back.

Tuesday:) Talented People in McKinney

11 Apr

“I’m inspired by artists and musicians. There are so many wonderful and talented people in the world. I love discovering new music, new writers, or new art.”

~Alicia Keys


Yesterday, a group of wonderfully talented people met at The Cove in downtown McKinney for our monthly McKinney Creative Community potluck gathering. Local artists, writers, dancers, musicians, photographers, and other creative souls meet to share fun, food, conversation, and creative endeavors. We usually have a fun guest speaker who wows us with wonderful inspiration.

For our April meeting, our guest was Melissa Patrello, a talented, funny, and creative kinetic artist who told us how she got inspired to create puppets when volunteering at her children’s school, and turned her passion into a thriving business.

Melissa brought many of her amazing creations, and shared her creative process with us. By the time I left, I wanted to go home and make a puppet and start talking to myself in a high pitched monster voice.

McKinney Creative Community is a hidden treasure in our area, and well kept secret, but everyone is welcome to join us the second Monday of every month. Just bring a dish or snack to share, and be ready to make a lot of friends, have a fine meal, and be totally inspired.

(Thanks for sharing this photo Silky)


Saturday:) Second Saturday on the Square

11 Mar

“We are philosophers of our time

Floating in the moon’s evening glow”

Richard L. Ratliff


It was an amazing Saturday here in North Texas, I think the temps actually got into 80’s. Holy global warming, Bat Man! I didn’t get much accomplished, but I took several walks, just to feel the warn sun on my skin, and to take Bella for a stroll. She actually got a little too warm and stopped and rolled in the grass to cool off several times.

I always enjoy the view from the pond down the street, with the setting sun peeking through the clouds,and the ducks waddling, making their happy ripples in the water.

I went over to the Square this evening for the Second Saturday festivities. I had several friends displaying artwork and having shows.

Kim Guthrie was outside of the LAST Art Gallery. She is such a talented and prolific artist. You can see some of her work at http://www.kimguthrieart.com

I strolled around the square and stopped in at Eclair Bistro to see my sweet, young, newly married friend Rachel. She’s so cute. Also, a talented artist by day, but she is a hostess here in the evening.

After strolling the sidewalks on a beautiful,warm evening, I headed over to The Cove Art Gallery. Several friends had a collaborative art show there this weekend.

Lynne Hubner, Pernie Fallon, and KD Hafley. Great friends…great artists…great ladies.

Annie Royer is always coming up with some innovative artwork. It was a fun creative show. And, it’s always nice to plop down on the sofa and chat with old friends. Well, they’re not old, but I am. I should say, with good friends.

A lovely Saturday evening.

OK, here is my warped sense of humor… I thought, when I wrote Saturday evening, it made me think of the Saturday Evening Post, and this was my “Post” for Saturday evening, but I had a different image in my head…

I told you I have a weird sense of humor. This is my Saturday Evening Post above.

Thursday:) The Art Club of McKinney

9 Mar

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.”

Kurt Vonnegut


The Art Club of McKinney meets the second Thursday of the month at the Heard Craig Carriage House in beautiful historic downtown McKinney.

Our March guest speaker and artist was Gary Williamson. Gary is an extremely talented paper mache artist, who not only performs magic with his paper sculpting skills, but has invented, created, or basically scraped together gigantic machinery and tools to create his own recipe for paper mache in his studio, Big Slurry Mountain.

The art club members enjoyed the comical and informative presentation of Mr. Williamson’s innovative sculpting process from start to finish.

I purchased a little starter kit, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be sucked into yet another creative art form that I have no space for. But, as every artist knows, you can never have too many art supplies or ideas. You never stop learning or creating. It’s in the blood.

This is not your everyday third grade art class paper mache, but rather a sophisticated process that turns recycled paper into wonderful works of art. These pieces might replicate wood, stone or metal sculptures without the heavy weight or the costly materials.

It was a fun creative day. And NO, I didn’t go home and play with my paper mache. But, I did make a hundred mini cupcakes and a batch of brownies. Sometimes I have to create in chocolate.