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Tuesday Tips and Tidbits

2 Oct

Cultivation to the mind is as necessary as food to the body.
Marcus Tullius Cicero
Today, I couldn’t decide what to make for lunch, so I opened up the fridge. Hmm? Not much there. Ah, I remembered the avocados in the freezer. When I learned about being able to freeze avocados, it changed my life. I buy them on sale, cut in half, scoop out, sprinkle a little lemon juice, and slip in a plastic bag. I use the little sandwich bags, squeeze out most of the air, then freeze. They defrost pretty quickly, but I was in a hurry and nuked it (microwave) a few seconds. A warm tortilla, melted jack cheese, fresh tomato…easy…awesome.


Doesn’t that look yummy?

Monday, I had the pleasure of having lunch with my tennis friends. Everyone brought something to share. Of course, I am the “Brownie Queen” of McKinney, so I made my famous brownies. When asked for the recipe, I always say, “It’s an old family recipe, but I’ll share. Buy a box of brownie mix, follow directions, sprinkle about 2 handfuls of chocolate chips on top of batter, then bake. Voila!” The nice thing about leftover brownies is, they find their way to Fire Station #5. Always appreciated!

Another tip…always share!