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Wednesday:) Words Of Wisdom

2 Nov

“Failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin


Very seldom do I leave McKinney. Today, I was on a mission to find more four inch frosted ornaments. Hobby Lobby is no longer going to carry them, and the distributor in China isn’t making them for Hobby Lobby anymore. Now what?

I have enough for this year, but I usually order four cases in November for next year. (Always be prepared.) I’ve been doing this for about twenty years or more.

I called yesterday over to the Hobby Lobby in Allen. The gal that answered was so nice, she went rummaging around and found me 27 boxes. I asked her if she’d hold them. She said she’d have to ask the manager. I told her to tell Mr. Jerry that they were for Toni. He agreed. He remembered me and my crazy big orders every year.

I picked up my boxes in Allen and drove over to the store in Plano. No four inch frosted ornaments. None. Nada.

So as not to have wasted my time, the liquor store is just down the road. Because I rarely leave lovely McKinney, which does not sell hard liquor, I decided to stock up. I only go once or twice a year.

So, a great day. The craft store and the liquor store. It doesn’t get better than that.

I have all supplies for celebratory Black Russians that I need for the Cubs big win tonight and to celebrate when they win the World Series.

I’m prepared. Feel free to stop over.

Ready or not!