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Wednesday:) Where Ya Been Miss Toni

23 Nov

“You know you’re having a great adventure when you can’t get WIFI or cell phone reception.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Well, yesterday I wrote about my adventures at the Rio Grande, thinking of my ancestors and the people on the other side of the river.

Today, I want to share just a few photos from Big Bend National Park. I have a few hundred, so I’ll spare you the ordeal of sifting through them all.

I’m back in McKinney, with WIFI and cell phone reception. Yay!

The highlights. These are probably the ones I’d like to paint in watercolor… next chance I get. I took my paints with me, but didn’t get around to painting. My New Year’s resolution.

Some gorgeous scenery, glorious sunsets, and desert beauty.

Tuesday:) Toni’s Hand In The Rio Grande

22 Nov

“You can’t go home again, or can you?”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis

A scenic drive, glorious sunsets, and a feeling of ancestry, all makes for a wonderful trip to Big Bend National Park.

My heritage is Hispanic, although most people wouldn’t guess it. My mother was born in Chicago and my dad in Amarillo. Dad always boasted of being a Texan, even though he probably only lived in Texas a few years as a child. But, my grandparents were born in Mexico.

This afternoon, when we hiked up and down a rugged trail to get to the Rio Grande, with Mexico just a few feet on the other side, I thought of my ancestors. Way back when they came to the states, there were no boarder guards and presidents talking about building walls. And, I bet a few of my earlier ancestors were here before the Rio Grande was the border. It was their home, too.

So, when I got down to the river, I put my hand in and touched the cold water of the Rio Grande. There was a man playing a guitar and singing on the other side of the shore. I sang along to “Cielito Lindo.” It’s one of my favorites. If you’re not familiar, it’s that “ay, ay, ay, ay song,