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Black Friday With a Holiday Black Russian Friday Twist

28 Nov

“Is it just me, or does Black Friday have a totally different vibe this year? Maybe we should call it “BLEAK FRIDAY.”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I was out shopping the Black Friday sales all day today! Well, not really. But, I was out in my back yard sitting in a chair looking at all the on-line sales. I ordered a ton of stuff. Well, not really. I bought one gift card for my daughter-in-law. I did get a lot of exercise today. I was doing a ton of squats. Well, not really. I was doing DIDDLY SQUAT most of the day.

I did go in the garage to look for my Christmas decorations. I haven’t been home here in Texas for Christmas in five years. I’m usually back home in Chicago with family, but not this Crazy Covid Christmas. Man, where did I put all that stuff?

So, now I have my tree all up and decorated. I spent the whole day working so hard.

Well, not really. This is a tiny two foot table top tree that I plugged in to see if it worked. Remember, I was busy doing diddly squats most the day.

I did manage to create a big mess, and found that most the pre-lit or wound up lights on my tree and garland were only half working. So, I just left the pile there.

As is my custom, I did go out for a nice evening walk to catch the sunset. OK! I don’t feel too guilty and unaccomplished. I walked three mikes today. But, you can see why I love my walks.

NOW… it is my Black Friday Black Russian Friday. Wow! That only happens once a year. Cheers, my friends.