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Wednesday:) Words of Wisdom:) Be Careful What You Ask For

1 Jun

“Be careful what you ask of Heaven; it might be granted.”

~ Isabel Allende


I like the quote about being careful what you ask for because, most of the time, I’m pleasantly surprised.

Yesterday, after I got home from my trip, I put my feet up and was looking at my emails and checking Facebook. My suitcase and dirty laundry and mounds of stuff from my car were all over the place. I didn’t care. I needed to catch up with friends and family via the almighty Internet. 

When I was on Facebook, I scrolled through pictures and posts. I saw that my dear friends Sherri and Michael were having dinner at Harry’s on the Harbor, not that far away. People were commenting at the nice view or the great yummy looking burgers. I commented that it wasn’t exactly Black Russian Friday, it was only Tuesday, BUT I could make an exception if they wanted to stop by for my famous Friday Black Russian of Tuesday. 

Well, about half an hour later, my doorbell rang, and there they were.

I love my new RING DOORBELL system. It captured this fun moment with the Murphy’s. We have this ongoing joke where we take pictures of each other with our arms wide open with a big welcome. Sherri took a picture of me. Look how happy I am. Great friends!

We drank our Black Russians and chatted for over an hour, catching up, and sharing travel stories.

Later that evening, I told my sister about my busy day, driving four and a half hours home, unpacking, exhausted, etc., then mentioning to the Murphy’s on Facebook that evening that they were welcome to drop by for a Black Russian if they were in the neighborhood, and she said, “You have to be careful what you ask for.” And I replied, “I know! Isn’t great?”

I couldn’t have asked for a nicer surprise.

Saturday:) Some Special Things

15 Nov

We create our own world with the ingredients we put into it, so take care with your recipe.

~Greg Phillips


My neighbor, Kathy called me this afternoon and asked if I could give her a ride to pick up her car over in Plano. I was already almost where she needed to go, but had to drive home to McKinney to pick her up, then turn around and take her back to Park  near Preston. But, the good news was, it wasn’t far from the liquor store. I was running low on vodka and Kahlua for my Black Russians. I only go a couple times a year, so I stock up when I get over there. You can’t buy hard liquor in McKinney, just beer and wine.

So, on my way home, I went up Preston Road because there is Toatal Wine and More with a Michael’s craft store two doors down. SCORE! My two favorite places side by side. I even wrote a poem about it…( Think of the song from the Sound of Music)


Kahlua with vodka with some chocolate ice cream

A glass full of happy before my good night dream

Note cards and new paint, my heart all a twitter

Do not get me started on the prospect of glitter

I popped into Michaels, they had a great sale

Total Wine two doors down for my vodka and ale

If you’d like to share in my crafts and my liquor

You don’t need to call, come on over it’s quicker


~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis

I stocked up on my liquor. Don’t judge me! This should last me a few weeks. Just kidding, a few months, unless a lot of friends stop by.

A dozen containers of extra fine glitter for my ornaments on sale and more note cards and paint for painting homemade greeting cards. Did I mention the great sale at Michael’s plus an addition 25% off toatal purchase? SCORE!

Time to practice what I preach. Cheers! 


We create our own world with the ingredients we put into it, so take care with your recipe.

~Greg Phillips
(I’ve got a good recipe.)