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Tuesday:) GP Cox~ Toni Is Technologically Impaired

17 Jan

Do not get obsolete like an old technology, keep innovating yourself.

– Sukant Ratnakar


I try to learn new things, keep up with technology, but I’m old, remember? I enjoy my writing, reading, artwork, and photography. Often, these endeavors require keeping up with technology, especially the writing.

I follow many other bloggers, and one of my favorites is GP Cox, who writes Pacific Paratrooper. I was fascinated with his recounting of many WWII events, and sharing stories written and shared by his father. I especially liked the history and photos from the Philippines. That’s where my father served. This very knowledgeable gentleman was even kind enough to try and teach me, via the WordPress site, how to use photos in the comment section. After several attempts, I never did figure it out. I wanted to show him a photo of my father’s discharge papers.

I tried several ways, but it didn’t work, so, I’ll have to be innovative and hope he reads this and sees this post.

GP, here is a photo of the papers I was trying to show you. This was my dad.

Here’s a watercolor painting I did of his army picture with the Philippines in the background.

My technology may be challenged, but I usually can figure out an alternate way.

Monday:Don’t Mess with Richard Marx

25 Mar

I’m fairly new to this blogging and tweeting thing, but there is one thing I am positive about. That is…NO ONE has the right to slam another person or impugn their character without provocation or cause. I’ve never even used the word impugn before, but it seemed appropriate here. I had to look up the spelling.

My son sent me a link to this guy, Ted, in Chicago, who writes, blogs, and tweets about a lot of things that he even admits, he knows little or nothing about. So, why is he doing this? Well, I guess media, companies and people are willing to pay others to do their writing for them. So, why should I believe anything I read?

Ted continued to carry on a twitter slamming of the musician, Richard Marx. Richard challenged him to meet and explain how he could insult someone’s character without ever meeting, (Good for you, Richard!) Well, check the link. Ted didn’t know Richard as a good father and family man. Richard’s kids didn’t go trick-or-treating at his house. I could write about that. Richard’s mom lived across the street from me, and I got to see a very kind, loving family. So, don’t mess with Richard Marx!

I digress. Back to Ted. His quote was, “Richard Marx is shameless.” My son knows I’m a big Richard Marx fan. I always enjoy his soulful ballads and easy listening music. The words to his songs always tell a story, and not a bunch of repetition like, “Baby, baby, baby. Oh baby, baby, baby.” No offense Justin B., but how can a song go on forever with just one word? But, I’d never go and write about this young man’s character. He’s a musician/singer, and he has adoring fans, and a mother, and a family. I don’t care for some of his songs, but that’s just me. An opinion is just that, an opinion.

You should check out this link and find out what you should NEVER write. As my mother used to say, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” I think common courtesy, manners, and ethics should extend to the Internet, writing, television, and other media. It’s our duty… actually, it should be our privilege, to use our words wisely when we share with the world. What do you think?

Richard Marx then and now. And yes, I own these albums.




Tedious Tuesday

16 Jan

I confess! I have an affable affinity for the allure of alliteration. It has plagued a plethora of playful print, and has spoliated many a splendid speech since my challenging childhood. There! I got that out of the way. But, there’s more.

Today, being another tedious Tuesday in Texas, I found it necessary to cordially conform to this criteria. A shimmering shawl of snow conveniently covered my car this morning, so I didn’t go to my cardio-crazed Zumba class. At noon, I was invited to yet another belated birthday brunch, then tea at two with the elegant Miss Eleanor. Afterwards, my fear of influenza forced me to find a pharmacy to get my first-ever flu shot. On my way home, I stopped at the store to purchase plenty of perishable items to prepare a delightful dinner.

Now that I have totally voided my vast vocabulary and beleaguered a bounty of other bloggers, I bid you a glorious goodnight. Enough already!!!