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Wednesday:)What’s Cookin’ Miss Toni…Brownies?

10 Aug

“The measuring and mixing always smoothed out her thinking processes – nothing was as calming as creaming butter – and when the kitchen was warm from the oven overheating and the smell of baking chocolate, she took final stock of where she’d been and where she was going. Everything was fine.” ― Jennifer Crusie, Maybe This Time


Yesterday was a busy baking and shaking kinda day. I went to Zumba, (that’s the shaking part), came home and walked about two miles in the scalding Texas heat, took a quick shower, met some friends for lunch, stopped at the Dollar Store, went over to the county office to get my vehicle registration sticker, wrote my blog, baked a batch of awesome brownies, drove over to the historic district for our monthly McKinney Creative Community meeting, arrived home just before dark, went for a very long four mile walk in the dark with my neighbor, called my sister, took another shower, THEN collapsed on the couch with my iPad and several tall glasses of ice water till nearly 2am. Are you exhausted just reading all that? Thank goodness I don’t have a job. That would interfere with my activities a d social life.

But, I do enjoy cooking and baking. I made my special marshmallow/chocolate chip brownies. And, of course, I always make a funny face in the bowl before I stir up the ingredients. When I post the funny face on my Facebook page, it reminds the local artists that our meeting is that evening. Everyone loves my brownies, so it’s a good advertisement for the group.

I’ve been making funny faces in my mixes for many years now. Always a blast, and always a challenge to come up with a different look.

The end result is always yummy.

After I cut the small squares for our meeting,  I took a couple over to my neighbor Diane, because it was her birthday, and a couple to Melody around the corner. It was her birthday too. So many friends. So many birthdays. So many brownies!

Wednesday:) What’s Cookin’ Miss Toni?

3 Aug

“You can express your love with words, or with homemade brownies. I choose to do both.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


What’s cooking? Why brownies, of course, my favorite way to say I love you. I’m going to my DAS Divorced And Separated support group tonight, and I like to bring brownies or cupcakes. But, it also gives me a good excuse to share with a few other neighbors. 

Yesterday, when I went over to Diane’s house for National Night Out, her husband asked, “Where are the brownies?” Oops! He’ll get some tonight.

Of course, I had to start  with my traditional funny face in the mix. (Look closely. Chocolate chip nostrils.)

Then, I decided to jazz it up with some marshmallows, chocolate chips, and cut up Milky Way candy bars.

Doesn’t that look yummy?

And they taste yummy too. The marshmallows got a little toasty like s’mores. Combined with all the chocolatey goodness of the chips and candy, mmmmm. Now, that says LOVE!

Tuesday Tunes:) Back In The Saddle Again

29 Jun

“Gotta love a messy kitchen. It means somethin’s cookin'”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


“Normal is an ideal. But it’s not reality. Reality is brutal, it’s beautiful, it’s every shade between black and white, and it’s magical. Yes, magical. Because every now and then, it turns nothing into something.” 

― Tara Kelly, Harmonic Feedback


Getting back to normal here. I went to Zumba this morning. I forgot half of the songs and routines, and there were a couple of new ones that I missed, but I got back into the swing. (Get it? Swing?) we do a lot of dancing, swinging and swaying. I just happened to be going the wrong way most of the time.

It’s been pretty hot here, so I’ve been laying low during the heat of the day. Thank goodness for air conditioning and the ceiling fans. I’m a big fan of the fan.

Now, that I’m back in the saddle, it was time to make brownies and funny brownie batter faces. My neighbors Diane and Richard kept an eye on my house while Imeas in Chicago, and tomorrow is Richard’s birthday, so I made some brownies. My immaculate kitchen is now back to its normal messy chaotic state. Gotta love a messy kitchen. It means somethin’s cookin’.

Funny face brownies.

Messy kitchen, complete with dirty laundry and mail that needs sorting. Back to normal, or whatever is my normal. 

Wacky Wednesday:) Oh Well!

2 Mar

Wacky is as wacky does

I hear a bee, I see the buzz

Strangest sights in every place

My brownies make a funny face

I can’t control my wacky brain

To try would only be in vain.

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I made brownies today for our St. Gabriel’s DAS Divorced And Separated Support group tonight at 7. ” I see faces in the brownies!” Some faces from the past… (PICASSO AIN’T GOT NOTHIN’ ON ME)…


Friday: Fun and Frivolous Stuff

12 Jun

It is easy to be solemn, it is so hard to be frivolous.G.K. Chesterton


Really? Not for me. My middle name is frivolous, or was that procrastination? I have a double middle name…Toni Frivolous-Procrastination. It’s not on my birth certificate, but should be. 

So, the other day I made a batch of brownies for Mom and her lady friends to celebrate her  88th  birthday. Of course, if you known me for any amount of time , you know I have to make a funny face with the brownie mix before I stir and bake. I looked around Mom’s place for some brownie props. Hmmm? A red hat from her Red Hat Society and some apple slices for lips. 

Yes, I’m goofy and see faces in the brownies. Better than seeing  “dead people,” I guess.  ( Movie reference )


  After the brownies were made and cut up , we went downstairs and Mom gave each of her girlfriends a long stem rose from the dozen I had given her. Mom likes to share too. Sharing frivolity is contagious. 

See! It’s easy to be frivolous! 

Tuesday Tea Time, Tips and Other Stuff

8 Apr

“I like the pace of my world. It’s busy, but for me, the less I do the lazier I get.”
― Hoda Kotb, Hoda: How I Survived War Zones, Bad Hair, Cancer, and Kathie Lee
Wow! Today was a busy day, and I’m not even halfway done yet. I woke up at the crack of dawn to make a batch of brownies before Zumba.

Too early to be creative and dress up my brownie mix face. Tip-always play with your food.

Then off to Zumba to wiggle, giggle and dance away any troubles or stress. Chatted with Karen a bit, home to shower and pack up supplies for art project at Sweet Spot bakery Tuesday Tea Time.

The gals concentrating on their project. Oh yes, today is Liz’s birthday. Happy, happy birthday, Lizzie.

Tip- celebrate your birthday with goofy friends.

Sherri and Margie always create something beautiful. Tip- always have a wonderful instructor. (That would be me. Ha!)

Heather and Ginger hiding behind their work. Camera shy?

It was a good day, but, now off to McKinney Creative Community with my brownies. Always great to visit with creative souls.