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Saturday:) “Something To Talk About” and a Soggy Penny In a Puddle

26 Mar

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

 – George Bernard Shaw


Everyone should have a a “bucket list.” It shouldn’t be things you want to do before you kick the bucket and die,  but rather the fun things you’ve always wanted to do to fill your bucket, and see your bucket overflowing day after day while you’re still alive.

I used to be a self-proclaimed fraidy-cat. Well, I still am a nervous-nelly, but I’ve been expanding my horizons, testing my wings, and working on my bucket list. One of the things I was afraid to do was get up in front of people and sing. My friend Sherri Murphy invited me to go with her to sing karaoke last year. I was nervous and I sang sooo bad and off key, but I did it. That was on my bucket list.

So, when a few friends planned on going to the local VFW Hall to sing karaoke a few weeks ago, I thought, hmm…I should join them. I need to keep filling up my bucket and enjoy the challenges. I was a little nervous, but my friend Bob offered to do a duet with me. I had to think of a quick song for a duet. We sang Bonnie Raiit’s “Something To Talk About.” Fun song.

Here’s the song, in case you aren’t familiar with it. It’s not me and Mr. Bob singing. We’re not ready to go on the road yet. 

So, this past Thursday, the gang was going back. Bob and I sang the same song again, this time it was much better and pretty funny. Then, I sang a solo, one of my favorites, “Leaving On A Jet Plane.” No longer a fraidy-cat, just another off key karaoke kid.

I love to sing. I’m going back again next week. I always say, “I sing loud. I sing proud. I sing off key.” I’m not quitting my day job! Oops! I don’t have a day job. Lucky thing. Speaking of luck…

Today, while I was walking, my eye glanced down and found a lucky penny. I have no idea how I even saw it, with dirt and leaves and sitting in a puddle. Just meant to be, just for me. Of course, I picked it up, wiped it off and put it in my pocket. Lucky me.

Saturday:) Something Old, Something New

9 Oct

“The older I grow, the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom.” ― H.L. Mencken


As I’ve gotten older, it seems like my bucket list has gotten longer. Either that, or my bucket has gotten bigger. Yes, I have a big bucket. Pun intended.

Today, while I was perusing my Facebook page, I was greeted with memories from the past years. I smiled when I saw what I did one year ago today. There was a picture of me and my dear friend, Sherri Murphy, at the State Fair of Texas. Why this was so heartwarming was because I’d never been to a state fair, and that was one of the things on my bucket list. I remember seeing that old movie “State Fair” with Pat Boone and Ann Margaret, and loved the thought of going to the fair. And yes, I’m that old. When Sherri found out that I’d never been to the fair she said, “Girl, we’re goin’ to the fair!” So, off we went.

I love that my friends know what a scaredy cat I am about driving to unfamiliar places and doing new things, so Sherri picked me and led me around the fair like a five year old with big eyes and a gaping mouth. She asked what I wanted to do, and after thinking a minute I said, “Eat a lot of fried stuff, get a picture with Big Tex, and ride some rides.”

Eating a lot of fried stuff.

A picture with Big Tex.

Sheri and I rode this mild looking ride, only to discover that it started off slowly then went so fast, sideways, and nearly upside down, that I literally thought I was going to get flung out and plummet to my untimely death. Well, glad I got that checked off my bucket list ’cause I ain’t doin’ that again. (I took this picture of Sherri behind me before the ride started whirling into outer space.) 

Then, of course, you have to see the cute animals and the giant butter sculptures.

“The older I grow, the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom.” 

― H.L. Mencken

As I grow older, I certainly have not gotten any wiser…but I am willing to learn new things and go to new and exciting places, and keep checking off items on my big ol’ bucket list.

Theme Song Thursday: Our State Fair

9 Oct

If you ever start feeling like you have the goofiest, craziest, most dysfunctional family in the world, all you have to do is go to a state fair. Because five minutes at the fair, you’ll be going, ‘you know, we’re alright. We are dang near royalty.’Jeff Foxworthy


If you haven’t seen this old movie, 1962 “State Fair” with Pat Boone, you’ve missed a classic. I was humming the song all day in my head. My friend Sherri and I went to the Texas State Fair today. I have never been to a state fair, so another check mark on my bucket list of things I’ve always wanted to do. (Thank you Miss Sherri!!!)

I think the pictures will speak for themselves. 

Big Tex greeted us and welcomed us to the fair. He’s a big Texas boy, ain’t he?

Of course, you have to have a corn dog with mustard. It’s mandatory.

Then there’s the deep fried snicker bar!

Sherri fed many animals.

It was a long, hot day. Even the little animals were tired. They weren’t all hyped up on deep fried goodies.

This giraffe was looking for her baby. “Where’s my baby, y’all?”

We went to the horse demo venue. I couldn’t get a good pic of the riders, they moved too fast. There were a lot of dancers too.

We wanted to find a ride that wasn’t to scary. This one looked tame. Oh my! Just when I thought I was going to fall out and die, it went backwards just as fast and crazy. I held on for dear life and screamed the entire time. We should have gone to the kiddie section and gone on the Dumbo ride instead. 

We were smart enough to not even think about this one. Although it would have been a good way to “lose your lunch.”

Sherri just barley made the height requirement. Phew! Hey, I didn’t mention it was Senior Day Thursday. Sherri didn’t meet the requirement, but I got in FREE! Yay! Finally old age has it’s perks!

When we headed back to the car, we spotted the McKinney Trolley. Why didn’t they tell us they were going too? I had my McKinney shirt on. Lovely day at the fair!

Saturday: Sometimes Scary Isn’t So Scary After All

16 Aug

Goals that are not written down are just wishes.
Unknown Quotes Author

Everyone has their own little quirks, fears, and that bucket list of things they want to do. I’m afraid of water. Not just afraid, but scared to death. I did face my fears, and actually took to sessions of Terrified of Water at the YMCA over twenty years ago. Still terrified, but at least I tried. 

I have a bucket list of small things and big things I want to do, and I’m trying to check them off. 

Today, I checked off a little one. I’ve never gone to a movie by myself. Most people would think that was a crazy thing to be scared of, but I was. 

To me, going to a movie by myself confirmed the fact that I was alone. Movie going was always a special family activity.  Memories can be overwhelming. WE always went to the movies together. WE went when the kids were little. WE went when the kids were older.  We saw hundreds of movies together. WE went when the kids grew up and were gone. WE aren’t WE anymore. WE are not a family anymore. HE threw that all away for a HO. (More on that next week.)

So today, I went to see  “Ricki and the Flash.” I enjoyed it , and I thought Meryl Streep was great. I sat alone in the middle of the big dark theatre, and I was a little nervous at first. But, I did ok. I was surrounded by couples and friends on their Saturday movie night outing. I was alone, but I was ok. 

It took a long time to stop saying “WE.” Sometimes it still slips out, but “I” catch myself. I will be ok and I’ll go to the movies alone again sometime. After all, I checked it off my bucket list.

I still have a long list for my bucket. 


Tuesday Tunes and Toni’s Karaoke Debut

3 Jun

“He who sings scares away his woes. ”

~Miguel de Cervantes Saaverda


Sunday was Karaoke night at Spoons Cafe on the Square. My friend Sherri Mutphy had posted on Facebook that she was going and invited me to join her. Standing up in front of strangers and singinging karaoke had been on my bucket list for a long time. So off we went. 

I sing all the time and I know that I sing off key, loud and proud. That’s part of my charm.  Singing and dancing makes me happy. 

One thing off my bucket list. 



Theme Song Thursday: Piano Man

1 Aug

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.
Unknown Quotes Author
What’s on your bucket list? There are always those little things that you always intended on doing, or interesting place you always wanted to go. I’m terrified of water, and I always wanted to learn to swim. Well, I took two sessions of Terrified of Water at the YMCA about twenty years ago. Needless to say, I’m still terrified of water. But, the good thing is, I did give it the old college try. (Just flunked out)

Another thing on my bucket list is to learn to play piano. My friend, Linda Grossman, (world’s greatest realtor) asked me if I’d be interested in taking piano lessons with Aaron Rollins. Yesterday, we went over to Aaron’s studio/home, upstairs from Mom and Pop Popcorn on the square. We met for a quick orientation on piano lessons using the Simply Music method. It sounds like an interesting, simple method of learning to play.

I’m pretty crazy busy right now, but I’m definitely going to give this a try when my life slows down after the move. I need to start checking off items on my bucket list. At least I’m not terrified of the piano, and I couldn’t possibly drown in the process. Aaron is an awesome and talented musician, and I think he’ll be a great teacher. Let’s just call him “The Piano Man.”

Now, I hope I don’t kick the bucket before I learn to play the piano.



Theme Song Thursday: Break the Chain

15 Feb

Do you have a bucket list? Most people think a bucket list is that desperate checklist of outrageous or dangerous things that they always dreamed of doing before they die. Why do we need a bucket list before we kick the bucket? I like to look at life a little differently. I have a “thimble list.” It’s more like a little, teeny-tiny thimble of small things I’d like to do someday. It could be something as simple as taking a pottery class or something spontaneous like dancing in a flash mob.

Today, the city of McKinney had a flash mob on the Square to support the One Billion Rising. The event is a worldwide activist movement to end violence against women and girls. Facebook friends were talking about participating, so I decided, “why not!” It was spontaneous and fun. I didn’t care that I didn’t know any of the steps, nor did I care. Just like the NIKE slogan says…Just do it! Three little words small enough to fit in a thimble.

Townesquarebuzz was on hand to record the event.