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Saturday:Staying ABC-Active,Busy, Connected

10 Oct

“I wanted to figure out why I was so busy, but I couldn’t find the time to do it.” 

Todd Stocker


Saturdays can often be a crazy busy like a bunny or lazy like a lizard kind of day. I always prefer crazy busy. The day seems to go by faster, and I find weekends to be the most challenging.

After a very fun-filled Friday, ending with a delicious dinner with Lynne at Olive Garden, (I love Olive Garden) I stayed up way too late, didn’t have my chocolate ice cream Black Russian till almost midnight, so getting up early was in question.

But, I set my alarm for 7am so I could go out for a run in the cool morning air. It’s been pretty dang hot here in Texas. I also love capturing the sunrise both on my phone and in my soul. (Pretty deep)

It’s funny, I’ve been running in the morning and just keep going until I get too tired and winded, or until I have to ” make a pit stop,” whichever comes first. Amazingly, I never really got winded or tired, but I needed to get home to get ready for our writing group at 10. I ran somewhere between 4 and 5 miles. Pretty good for an old bag!

Writing group was good. I’m working on revising my “Open Letter.” Those will be an eye opener one day. Then, stopped at SteinMart to look for something to go along with my dress for the big gala dinner tonight. Sherri invited me to be her guest. Gotta love a gala. (More on that tomorrow)

Oh yes, then I came home and started baking mini cupcakes for the church picnic tomorrow afternoon. I’ll frost them later or after Mass. 

Oh look, a funny face in the cake mix.

My favorite minis are chocolate batter with one cherry from a can of pie filling. A fun surprise when you bite into it. One box of mix made 6 dozen minis. Cool! I may frost some them with little spider webs and a plastic spider for the kids.

Now, just writing, clean up the kitchen, then get ready for the Community Lifeline Center Gala. Another busy Saturday. Love it! 

I’m running the day!!!