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Theme Song Thursday:) Come To My Window

27 Oct

“The ideal of calm exists in a sitting cat.”

~Jules Renard


I’ve never owned a cat, but I think they’re cute. Crazy and cute. Then again, I think elephants are cute, but I don’t think I’d like to own one. Both creatures are difficult to understand and domesticate. They have minds of their own. Many of my friends have cats, and they all like me and rub up against me and purr in my face. I’m not sure why. Maybe they’re just trying to mess with me because it makes me nervous.

This morning while I was out for my morning walk, Miss Kathy’s cat was sitting on the tiniest brick ledge by her back window. He just sat there ever so patiently and stared right back at me. I thought for sure he would fall off or tip over. But, cats have nine lives, so I guess Mo wasn’t too worried about falling to his furry death. I had to take his picture.

I couldn’t help but think that poor old Mo just wanted to go inside, get something to eat, or maybe take a little cat nap. I can relate.

Do you ever feel like that? Just sitting patiently outside the window, looking in. Waiting. Hoping you don’t fall.