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Friday Frenzy and Friends

17 Oct

“Its always difficult to keep Fridays confined within themselves..they tend to spill over..” 

― Kai Sinclair


A funny thing happened to me on my walk this morning! Well, it wasn’t so funny. After my two day fast and prep for the “dreaded colonoscopy” yesterday, I slept in this morning. I promised my sister on a stack of bibles that I wouldn’t go to kick boxing, even though I felt great. I just had a bit of a headache and a bad runny nose from the cold oxygen thingy they stick up your nose. I’m still sneezing. So, I ate a little breakfast and was going to meet Zelda for lunch at Olive Garden at 12:30. I love the eggplant, and I was finally hungry.

I decided to go for a slow leisurely walk around the pond. It was a gorgeous cool morning. I made it around a few blocks, then all of a sudden, whammo! I started feeling dizzy, my ears tingled and I was 2 blocks from home. The park was about 100 feet away, so I groggily made my way over to the bench. I thought if I sat a few minutes, I’d feel better. Wrong! Everything got blurry then all I could see was bright white light. Then no vision. Yikes! Do I call 911? (Right now you are saying, YES, silly.) I couldn’t even see my phone. 

Laying down on the cold concrete bench was all I could think to do. Taking long deep breaths, and hoping if something serious happened, someone would come along and find my limp lifeless body. (Glad I wrote my final words and comments on life yesterday.) The good news is, after about 15 minutes of laying still, I was able to get up and walk home. Death crisis averted. I’m pretty sure I was just dehydrated from over 48 hours without food and losing all liquid.

Crazy gal that I am, 20 minutes later, after drinking lots of water, I changed, hopped in my car and met Zelda for lunch. I ate like a little piggy and drank like a camel. Then we drove over to the Square and walked around, popping into a few shops, and stopping for gelato. I felt just fine. Weird, right?

It’s always fun to bump into friends and familiar faces downtown. I just love McKinney!

Zelda and I visited Miss Sue over at the visitors center. 

Nan Lee was surprised with beautiful flowers from her employees/friends for Boss’ Day. Nan Lee has the most gorgeous jewelry in her shop at 108 W Virginia.

Then a quick stop at Sweet Spot Bakery to say hi to Elizabeth and Kaylyn. Hi girls!

Well, that was my Friday in a nutshell. From a scary death defying morning walk to a fun stroll on the Square. Life is good! Strange, but good!


Frustrating Friday: Close Calls

26 Jul

Whenever you have a tight situation and there’s a close pitch, the umpire gets a squawk no matter how he calls it.
Red Barber
Gosh, lately if I’m not complaining about something, I’m not breathing. Ha! I “squawk” in the good times and the bad. Today was one of those close calls that the umpire almost messed up.

After waiting all day to find out if my home inspection passed or had problems, I was on pins and needles. Well, it didn’t go smoothly and I had to make a judgement call and agree to replace an AC unit or lose the sale of the house. Then, I had to scramble to get to the bank at 3:55 before it closed at 4. More waiting to see if the buyer agreed to the arrangement. Now, get the check for my new house to the sales office before 7pm or loose it. It was 6:45. HELP! A little speeding, adrenalin, and a few Hail Mary’s and it got done.

I came home, sat a few minutes, ranted on the phone to my sister, then went for a long walk in the heat of the night. 94 degrees. My heart is still racing, but I have my feet up and just about to have a Black Russian.

I’m glad the “Umpire” up in the sky decided to make a close call, “Safe!” At least for now.