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Saturday: Sun and Fun on the Square

16 Mar

It was a glorious Saturday in McKinney, Texas. With nothing on my agenda, I decided to take some of my paints, brushes, and blank note cards, and head over to Snug on the Square for a yummy breakfast. After breakfast, I set up my paints and worked on a few note cards.



My old/new friend Tommy, the wandering Troubadour, was sitting on a bench, playing some toe-tapping melodies. I bumped into a few friends while soaking in the sunshine and painting. Oh, I also bumped into Mayor Brian Loughmiller and wife, Donna, as I was getting ready to leave. We chatted a while about my Towne Creek senior art group, his re-election campaign, and tennis. Where else can you chat with the mayor on a street corner, and he even knows your name? McKinney is a great town.


Before leaving, I couldn’t resist sitting on the bench with Tommy while he played a few more tunes. I even sang along, took some photos, and watched the people pass by, dropping dollar bills into the black guitar case. Tommy said it was a good day.


Right now, I’m home, sitting on the back patio with the dogs, my iPad and some more sunshine. What a great day!


Wild Whacky Women on Wednesday

17 Jan

What’s crazier than a group of wild whacky women? Answer: A group of wild whacky women artist girlfriends learning to knit after too much caffeine.

Today being Wednesday, I knew it was going to be a whacky day. The TOTS, (Table Of Talent Sisters) were meeting at SNUG on the Square Coffee Shop in downtown McKinney to learn how to knit. Knit? You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and you can’t teach this old gal how to knit. It was hilarious!

Our good friend, Gail, had knitted some beautiful scarves for all her friends this past Christmas, so we all wanted to learn how to knit scarves. Well, almost all of us. I am dexterously challenged. Today was the day. Today was a joke! But, I must admit, after four hours of poking, tangling, laughing, crying and yanking out mistakes, I believe that I have the most beautiful six inch chain stitch known to man. Well, maybe five inches. It’s like men and fishing, the fish gets longer each time the story is repeated. (We won’t even go there.)

The moral of the story is, you can lead a whacky woman to water, or coffee in this case, but you can’t make her knit.

(These are my girlfriends. They all did a lot better than I did)