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”Twas The Day After Christmas

27 Dec

“Happy Day After Christmas, Merry Rest of the Year, even when Christmas is over, The Light of the World is Still Here!”

Matthew West


The day after Christmas can sometimes be bitter-sweet. So much preparation and anticipation, and poof…it’s over in a few minutes. Many of us are blessed and have family and friends to celebrate with, carrying on old traditions and making new memories.

“Twas the day after Christmas, but I wasn’t sad.

With wonderful memories, oh what fun we all had.

Two beautiful grand-daughters, as cute as could be.

The family together, all under the tree.

When I count all my blessings, too many, it’s clear.

Now, I won’t be this happy, ’till maybe next year.

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the traditional cookie making and decorating. Here’s a funny story. My son Joe decided that he wanted to make some very unusual cookies. He saw some funny John McCLane cookies on Pinterest., from the movie “Die Hard.” He figured that if anyone could figure out how to make them, it would be his very creative momma. They were just made from gingerbread cookie cutters and sugar cookie dough. The tricky part would be the decorating, especially since they were so small. I had the bright idea of finding a really large cookie cutter for one big cookie,

Belle and I rolled out the dough and cut out the small shapes.

I made the icing and we decorated.

Belle put pink sprinkles on all of hers.

Everyone decorated cookies. Joe was a little rusty at cookie making, but he did a great job with his very specific design.

We stayed up late, after the girls went to bed, and watched the movie and ate John McClane cookies. A new tradition, perhaps?

Today, the sun was out and it was just beautiful. I took The baby for a walk in the stroller, while Belle rode her little bike with daddy.

Christmas memories being made, and new traditions created. This is what it’s all about.

Merry Day after Christmas, my friends.

Wednesday:) What’s Cookin’ Miss Toni~ Waste Not,Want Not

19 Jan

“The best remedy for a gloomy rainy day is a yummy batch of freshly baked cookies. Ask me how I know?”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Holy Crazoli, it was a gloomy day today. But, I was in a great mood. With no agenda in the morning, I didn’t roll out of bed until 11. Wow! Haven’t done that in a while. I actually had some interesting dreams that I remembered for a couple of hours, forgotten now. They involved intrigue, and some foreign Russian spy type people, but it was better than no dreams or bad dreams.

I took a couple of misty walks during the day, just bundled up, put on a hat and gloves, and enjoyed the moisture. I like to think of it as a free facial.

This evening, I decided to bake some cookies for my divorce support group at church. I usually try to bake something for the group. I had several rolls of cookie dough in the freezer that I made at Thanksgiving. Plus, I really need to make room in my over stuffed freezer. I freeze pretty much everything. I also had a zip lock bag with left over Russel Stover and Godiva fancy chocolates that I had frozen for a rainy day. Hey! It was raining!

I sliced and shaped the dough into small rounds and cut the fancy candy to place on top. I know, hard to believe that I have left over chocolates,  but I do. I receive many gifts of chocolate candy, and couldn’t possibly consume it all.

Well, I don’t want to brag…well, yes I do. These were probably the best cookies I ever made. They were enjoyed by many. 

The best remedy for a gloomy day…lots of cookies.

Saturday:) Sights, Sounds, and Smells of Summer

10 Sep

“Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived. The odors of fruits waft me to my southern home, to my childhood frolics in the peach orchard. Other odors, instantaneous and fleeting, cause my heart to dilate joyously or contract with remembered grief. Even as I think of smells, my nose is full of scents that start awake sweet memories of summers gone and ripening fields far away.” ― Helen Keller


As I write this, my kitchen is filled with the delightful smell of cooling brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and peanut putter cookies. I will report on their dispersement tomorrow, but for today, I revel in the aroma.

Saturdays are usually a quiet lonely time for me, but not today. I have the company of my furry friend, Bella. My neighbor Diane and I walked dogs this morning, then went to lunch at Chili’s. I am so stuffed, I have had no desire to even sample the cookies that will find their way to my local fire stations.

Then, to put frosting on the proverbial cake, my neighbor across the street texted, asking if I wanted to go to dinner and or a movie tonight. I suggested we run down to the Square for Second Saturday, and enjoy the live music at Sweet Spot Bakery and stroll around, checking out the night life. 

So, what is normally a quiet boring Saturday is turning into a shuffle bustle “do the hustle” kinda day. I love it.

Sights and sounds (clouds floating by, ducks quacking in the pond)

Let’s not forget tastes and smells (lunch)

Ah…now the smells…(with a goofy brownie face)

Tuesday:) Tasty Time With Friends

9 Dec

“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… the people who give you their food give you their heart.”
– Cesar Chavez

Sunday was a fun day with friends and massive amounts of cookies. My friend, Blynda, has an annual cookie contest and party during the holidays. She and her children all bake their favorite cookie recipe and they invite all their friends for a blind-test tasting contest. 

Blynda is an amazing artist, friend, and hostess. Her home was filled to the brim with more than willing tasters. There were hundreds of cookies, maybe even thousands. Who knows? I ate a few hundred myself…well, almost. The best part is chatting with long time friends and meeting new ones. 

Mellisa’s cranberry bars won. I need that recipe! 

Food brings people together, but cookies keep them coming back for more.

This evening’s sunset. I was driving to our McKinney Creative meeting tonight when I saw this sunset. I hopped out of my car to capture the moment.

Sunday Sermon and Some Special Friends Sampling Cookies

8 Dec

“Think what a better world it would be if we all, the whole world, had cookies and milk about three o’clock every afternoon and then lay down on our blankets for a nap.”
quoting Robert Fulghum
This morning, Father told us that just as we prepare our home for the holidays, we must also prepare our souls. When we invite friends over, we clean the house, decorate, and prepare delicious meals. As we prepare for Christmas, we should cleanse our souls by going to reconciliation, (confession), forgiving our enemies and reconciling conflicts. That is the best way to prepare our home for Christmas.

There was also a baptism celebration during Mass. I love the way the entire congregation welcomes the newly baptized baby with prayers and a loud round of applause.


This afternoon, I was invited to Blynda Christian’s annual family cookie tasting completion. She invites dozens of friends, family and neighbors to a holiday party that features a special cookie recipe baked by a family member. Then, there is blind taste test and voting by all guests. It was difficult to decide, so of course, I had to sample several times. The winner was her granddaughter, with her s’mores cookies. Very yummy!

Blynda is such a gracious hostess, the food was divine and the beverages were abundant, but the best part of the evening was spending time with old friends that I don’t get to see very often, and meeting new people that I hope to see again.

Special cookies, special friends.


“Me like cookies!”


Sunday Service, Snug on the Square, Santa and Scrumptious Cookies

16 Dec

When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.
Mahatma Gandhi
Starting out with an inspirational Sunday service was a great way to begin my day. Then, I scooted off to the Square to meet some friends for breakfast at Snug. Well, I didn’t eat, but had some iced tea. Just not too hungry these days. But, being able to laugh and spend times with friends is always wonderful.

I stopped over at Sweet Spot bakery to pick up a hot chocolate before heading over to the DFW Toys for Tots Motorcycle Run at Freedom Power Sports in McKinney. Mr. And Mrs. Santa chatted with David Marks, co-founder of the annual event, before the 47 mile run. Many toys and donations were collected.



Did I mention there were handsome, charming Marines collecting toys?

Just when I thought my day couldn’t get better, my friend Blynda had invited friends to a family
cookie tasting challenge at her home. Tasting cookies…say no more! I ran into some old friends and made some new friends.
The cookies were scrumptious and endless.


Now, doesn’t that sound like a perfect Sunday?