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Freaky Friday and a Funky Fly

11 Apr

“Just as heart is a fountain of unspoken words,

the universe is a womb of wonder weird worlds.”

~Toba Beta


One thing I have found in this life is that it is a wild and wacky world! I spend a lot of time researching quotes, checking YouTube videos, and finding amazing bizarre stuff on the internet when I write my daily blog. Look at this!.


( This is just a photo, not a link. You’ll have to Google it yourself. )  Freaky!

For only $99 you can get the Power Nap Pillow. Doesn’t that look comfortable? NOT!!!! Then look at the cool thing to put over your eyes to lean against the window. Only $45. I’ve always just rolled up my jacket and voila! Free!


There’s a relentless funky fly that has been driving me crazy for the past three days. Buzz, buzz, buzz! It follows me from room to room, taunting me with his incessant buzzing. 

I have this serious problem. “I couldn’t hurt a fly.” I had a few failed attempts at swatting him with a kitchen towel, but then I felt so guilty abput taking a life, that Imtried to capture it. I followed Freddie the fly for ten minutes with a plastic cup, hoping to catch him and release him outside. NO SUCH LUCK. Freddie is still taunting me. I hope I don’t go crazy, break down and smack the poor thing. He’s been quiet for a few hours. Probably resting up for an evening assault. I’ll keep you posted.