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Toni’s Tuesday Time-lapse Video:) Notecard Craft with a DumDum

11 Nov

• “Be a rainbow lollipop in a world full of Dum Dum suckers.”



Today, I wanted to post a fun little video that I created using some leftover Halloween candy, specifically, the DumDum lollipops. My senior artist friends over at Towne Creek have been making, writing, and sending cards to people in local nursing homes for the holidays, Most of those nursing home folks can’t get out, and a nice note or card will brighten their days.

I’m still not able to conduct my art classes, but I can drop off supplies and projects that they can work on in their apartments, on their own. I was thrilled to hear that no one has gotten Covid over there. What a blessing.

Christy and Kelly (middle) were delighted when Helene and I dropped off our cards and crafts supplies. Another volunteer, Karen, also sent us with a bag of cards and a book for their book club.

Most of my ladies already have colored pencils, markers, crayons, etc. , so I just cut out some parts for them to trace, sent along 50 blank notecards and envelopes, made an instruction card, and I made a time-lapse video to demonstrate. Then, they could use my examples or create a fun masterpiece of their own. The recipients of these lovely cards will appreciate the creativity and effort involved in the making of the cards.

This is a great project to do with your kids and use up all those little suckers and Halloween candy. If you have any questions, just contact me. Also, you can slow down YouTube videos up there in the settings. I tried it once when I was trying to teach myself piano. I still can’t play piano, but I’m mastering the art of making time-lapse videos.

Happy Tuesday, my friends.

Friday:) Fun Projects From My Studio

30 May

“One characteristic of winners is they always look upon themselves as a do it yourself project.”

Denis Waitley


I’m more of a work in progress kind of gal. I’m not good at do it yourself, because “myself” isn’t too handy.

But, now that my “Crap Room” now finished art studio is done and organized, it’s fun to work on projects because I know where everything is now.

I’ve been working on some different technique to make notecards. Pastel chalk, is by far, the easiest and coolest method.

Check out the time lapse video…

Some other things I’ve been working on.

Well, “Cheers” and happy Friday, my friends.

Wednesday:) Wild and Wacky Friends

20 Feb

“Don’t refuse to go on an occasional wild goose chase – that’s what wild geese are for.”


I have the greatest group of friends, and they are scattered all over the country, I’m not sure how they got scattered, but that’s a different subject.

Last Friday was Valentine’s Day, and Helene I volunteered over at Towne Creek Senior Apartments from about 2-6:30pm. We were invited to Joni and Bob’s big V-Day party that started at 5:30, so we were pretty late. They started without us. The nerve!

When we arrived, they were playing some games, and sharing anonymous, possibly risqué Valentine’s Day cards. As each card was read aloud, the reader had to guess who brought the card. It was fun, and a little blushing and shushing ensued. Then, Joni had these cute photo op set ups where we became a Valentine card, and she asked me to take the pictures. That was fun, and they turned out so cute,

Just a few of my wild and wacky friends.

Today, I made some new wacky and creative friends over at St. Gabriel’s Crafting Ministry. Last week, at the 60+ group potluck dinner, Martha asked me to join the crafting group that meets every Wednesday. Yikes! Another group, another commitment on my already super busy calendar. But, I thought I’d check it out today. I met some very nice ladies, and my dear friend from Art Club, Bonita, has been a long time member. I call her my twin sister because we have the same birthday.

The ladies work all year long on making beautiful crafts for the annual holiday craft bizarre in November and other sales that benefit St. Gabriel.

I was inspired by our rock painting craft at Lynne’s house before Valentine’s Day, and I had seen something somewhere that said “Jesus Rocks,” so I thought that would be a cool project for today.

The other ladies were all busy with wreaths, and nativity scenes, and holiday decorations.

So, just another wild and wacky Wednesday with Toni.

Throwback Theme Song Thursday:) Frosty the Snow Man

14 Dec

Snowmen fall from heaven unassembled.     



I thought I’d share a throwback craft project from last year, and add a little theme Song music for the holidays.


Last year around this time, I was at Mom’s place, painting ornaments, boxes, notecards, and making snowmen craft projects with mini and regular size Hershey bars. It’s a fun and easy project. Mom loved passing them out to her friends. I sure do miss my mom. It’s hard to believe that she’s not here. This is our first Christmas without her. But, she’s a crafting, painting, singing, dancing, and playing piano in heaven. That’s my Angel Mother.

Here’s the snowman project…

The little ones are cute too, aren’t they?

Just measure the width of the candy bar and add an inch. I just used white copy paper. The hats and eyes were made with black construction paper. The orange nose with construction paper too. A glue stick and tape are the easiest for securing. I used ribbon for the scarves and frayed the edges, twisting together with some wired star ribbon. A little pink chalk for the cheeks. You can improvise with materials you have at hand. You can use real buttons or felt for the hats. I just happened to have some cool things. You can also just use markers for the eyes and nose. Even the scarf could be drawn on with markers. Just use you imagination. One thing to be careful of… don’t eat all the candy before you get a chance to make the snowmen. (It’s been known to happen.)

Friday:) Friends, Fun Crafts, and PIZZA!!!

9 Dec

“Crafting isn’t for sissies. It’s for sisters.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


This morning, Mom’s good friend, Mary Ann, was giving a little craft class downstairs in the activity room. Mom still isn’t feeling 100%, but she didn’t want to miss making some fun foam memory books, book marks, and decorations.

I stayed up late painting notecards, but I took out a few minutes to make a batch of brownies to take down in the morning. Of course, I had to make my funny face in the brownie mix before baking, even at Mom’s. I’m goofy, even on the road.

The ladies had fun with foam cut outs, stamps, ribbons, and more. Mary Ann, who volunteers to host this craft group every month, is so funny. She’s a hoot!

Mom and I made a bunch of cute mini notebooks and book marks.

We had a good time. Later, my sister came over, and we both needed to get out of the house. With the frigid cold weather, we tend to go stir crazy after a couple of days coupled up in the house. She asked where I wanted to go for lunch, PIZZA!!!! I NEED PIZZA!!! I hadn’t had my double dose of Chicago pizza yet.

We were thinking a medium pepperoni, but last minute changed it to a large so I could have some leftovers. Yum! Chicago pizza is the best! I may have to have a couple slices tonight with my Black Russian Friday.

A Good Friday. Hope you are crafting this Christmas season, too.

Friday:) Fun Flowery Crafting With Mom

31 Dec

“A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in–what more could he ask? A few flowers at his feet and above him the stars.”

― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables


Mom was getting ready to put a bunch of cute hard candy, wrapped in pretty flower paper, outside her doorway. She has a little glass bowl on a ledge outside her door where she puts candy. It seems to disappear in just a few minutes. Either there are a lot of people passing by in the hallway, or there is one candy burglar that takes all the candy. I thought it was too cute to waste. When I looked at the rosebud candy, I put on my thinking cap and came up with a craft idea for us to work on.

Mom punched two holes in index cards with a pencil, cut the curly ribbon, and laced the ribbon from the back while I painted a stem and leaves. We both tied the candy to the top of the stem with a knot, then curled the ribbon.

We had an assembly line going. We were only going to make about a dozen or so, but they were so dang cute, I said, “While we’re on a roll and already made a mess, let’s make some more.” We made thirty-five. Mom will use them as thank you notes for friends or for birthday cards. Mom is one of those old school ladies that writes a thank you note for everything, or sends a thank you note when she gets a thank you note. Never ending notes. (I don’t take after her.,so if you gave me a gift…Thank you…don’t expect a note.)

Pretty cute, right?

A fun flowery Friday crafting day with Mom.