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Friday:) Funny Furry Online Doggie Dating (TOO CUTE!)

19 Aug

“Life is an experiment in which you may fail or succeed. Explore more, expect least.” ― Santosh Kalwar


I was checking my emails and writing my blog when my little furry friend, Bella, decided that she was more interested in my iPad than her nap.

Perhaps, she thought I was not paying enough attention to her. She kept flipping the iPad up with her nose as if to say, “Put that darn thing away already!” She often barks at the TV if there are dogs or animals on the screen, or when I try to get a selfie of the two of us, she is infatuated, or maybe a better term is, perplexed at the image of the dog that looks like her.(Does she really even know that is her? I don’t think so.) 

I decided to conduct an experiment. So, I googled the word DOG and clicked on images. This really got her excited. All the hundreds of little pictures reminded me of online dating. I thought it would be interesting to show her some pictures to observe her reaction, and see if she liked any handsome hound or dashing dachshund in particular. A little online doggie dating.

This is really cute. Well, at least I thought so.

I’m going to call it WOOFMATCH.COM.