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Saturday on the Square

16 Jun

The skies were overcast and the temps only in the 80’s this morning. A slight breeze made it a perfect Texas day. With no plans on my calendar, I headed off to the Square in downtown McKinney. I had a lovely breakfast at Snug, bumped into a few friends, and sat with my iPad, checking emails and Facebook. At 11am, the cutest little singer/songwriter played her guitar and belted out several of her own original songs. She is 13 year old Dori Grace, with the voice of an angel and the schedule of Justin Biener.

Photo: Dori Grace Facebook page

After taking up space for two hours inside Snug, I sat outside and did a little drawing. I often take paper, pencils, watercolors, brushes, etc. when I spend the day on the Square, just in case I get inspired. All the coffee drinkers made me think of coffee cups. Here’s a drawing I started with watercolor pencils. I’ll show you when I finish it.


Then, I did my good deed for the day. As I sat outside, I noticed three men talking by their motorcycles. They were parking their bikes on the striped lines next to a handicap parking spot. I have a dear friend,(you know who you are) who got a $400 parking ticket for parking her bike in the very same spot. So, I walked over and informed the three friends about the possible violation. 3 times $400 would have been a costly $1,200 day on the Square. They were very appreciative and moved their motorcycles down the street.


Now, I’m home watching endless episodes of “Murder She Wrote” on the Hallmark Channel. Oh no! Someone just pushed Jessica down a flight of stairs. Note to self: Never invite Jessica Fletcher over for dinner or visit her in Cabot Cove. Someone always dies, five murders in five hours!