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Saturday:) Starting Something New~ Chocolate-Taco

2 Apr

“Once you believe that you can do something, there is not a single person in the universe who can convince you otherwise.” 

― Germany Kent


After a lot of dreaming, thinking, hoping, baking and cooking, I finally decided that I need to follow my passion and open a small bakery/cafe in McKinney. The Cake Stand on the square in McKinney closed recently, and the space was for lease. So many friends and family members have told me for many years that they love my brownies, cupcakes and fun chocolate concoctions, and that I should open my own place. Plus, everyone loves my homemade tacos, nachos, and quesadillas. So, the concept of Choco-Taco popped into my head. I’m always baking and cooking, giving away and sharing my delicacies. Why not actually make some money doing what I love to Do? I know it’s a tough job trying to start a new business, but I’m a tough old gal.

The shop I’m leasing already has all the ovens, freezers, equipment, and refrigerators needed. I’ve enlisted the help of several friends to get started and who work side by side with me at the shop. The revamping, decorating, and getting ready starts April 15th with a soft opening on May 5th, Cinco de Mayo.  If all goes well, this will be the most exciting time of my life.

If you are around downtown McKinney, be sure to stop by for a sweet treat or a tasty taco on Toni. 

Now, that you’ve seen some the yummy things I love to bake and cook, I’m sure your mouth is watering or your eyes are watering from laughing so hard. Either way, you’d be right. 

Happy APRIL FOOL’S DAY!!! I would no sooner open a restaurant or bakery than I would eat chocolate covered ground glass. That is way too much work and it is a 24/7, seven days a week pain in the… So, for now, I will continue to bake and cook and share with my friends. And, do not be disappointed, if your in McKinney, give me a call, stop by my house, and I’ll fix you a fine meal and a Black Russian. CHEERS!!!!

Wednesday:) Wild and Wacky Women

31 Mar

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”

― C.S. Lewis

A group of wild and wacky women, who also go by the name of the Unbiological Sisters, went to the movies today to see “Hello, My Name is Doris,” with Sally Field. It was a cute and funny movie, with a few sad but realistic moments. This related well to all of us 50/60 something ladies. No spoiler alert, if you haven’t seen the movie, but Doris shows us a lot about life as an older person in a fast paced high tech young world.

 After the movie, we went for a late lunch, discussing how wonderful Sally Field was in the movie. We joked about how we could relate to having clothes in the closet from the 70’s and not being able to part with old junk and our old out of date hair-do. But, the main theme of the movie was, it’s never too late to change, to grow, to enjoy life, and to have a dream.  

So, a lovely group of wild wacky women went to a movie about a wild wacky older woman, and laughed and giggled through a fun lunch. It’s nice to know that we “are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” (Or to have another fun day with friends,)


Saturday:Salsa Car Wash With a Side of Sunset

6 Sep

It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.
— Bern Williams*************

Busy day today. I got up early to go for an hour run/walk before the Texas sun started scorching the day. Then, a quick change before going to Zumba, and an hour of wiggle-giggle salsa/bali/country dancing. Nice way to start a day. 

I met my friend Gilda for a leisurely lunch at Taqueria Hernandez. Then, she was kind enough to take me on a driving tour of the east side of McKinney. 

Driving home around 6 pm, I decided to see if the car wash was still open. It was! Yay! My car was filthy, and God has not blessed us with a Mother Nature car wash in over two months. 

I like to crank up my music then record the drive through car wash. 

The evening sunsets have been glorious, so off I went for a short walk. 

 “It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.” I like to daydream.  Look at this sky!


FridayFrenzy: Firing at the Right Target

1 May

“You have had a dream for so many years. Let today be the day you make a plan for it. Just think about how much more likely you are to hit your target when you finally aim at it.” 

― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience


What a jam-packed run around crazy Friday frenzy! I love it. It started off with a long morning walk,(great pictures later), then off to an archery lesson with the fun Unbiological Sisters Meet-Up group, the store for cookies for later, to the Square for lunch at Snug, run over to Towne Creek for my Friday volunteering with the senior artists, Karen stopped by to invite me to a high school talent show in Dallas at 7, writing my blog now, then over to the student show. I’m glad I ate breakfast, as I didn’t have time for lunch at Snig or I’d be late for Towne Creek. Are you exhausted just reading this? So, am I.

Here are some photos of my amazing archery lesson, which consisted of a 5 minute video, the guy gave us a brief lecture/demo on what to do so we didn’t shoot each other, then we shot for an hour. Way cool! $10 groupon by over by Academy Sports on 380 in McKinney.



I pretty much hit the target every time except for a couple of strays. Not bad, hadn’t done this since college.

Off to the Square.. 



It was a good, busy day. Not done yet! I need more hours in my day!


Montage Monday: A Week In Peek

7 Oct

A dream collage is pictures of your goals. It’s like your future photo album.
Bo Bennett
Everyone should have a dream. Why not put it into a collage? Every Monday, I put together a collage of my week. Perhaps I should make a dream collage also. I’ll work on that.

From the musical South Pacific. “You’ve got to have a dream, if you don’t have a dream, how ya gonna make a dream come true.”

Another week that has flown by faster than a 747. A week in a peek.



Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Dreams

13 Mar

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”
― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Dreams can be a blessing or a curse, it all depends on how you look at it. I always considered myself a dreamer, not because of idealistic lofty goals, but because I always remembered my dreams. I’d wake up suddenly, grab a pen and jot down what I could remember. I didn’t always understand the dream, but they were always fascinating.

I haven’t been able to remember my dreams for months. Maybe my mind is not in a very good place. Perhaps my stressful waking thoughts are interrupting my restless nocturnal dreams. I can’t seem to remember anything. This morning I woke with sopping wet eyes. It must have been a very bad one, but I had no idea why I was crying. I miss my dreams, good or bad. Sure hope they come back someday.




Sunday Services and Sharing

20 Jan

“It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.”
― Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
If this is true, which I sincerely hope it is, there is a very good chance that I will never grow old. I have so many dreams and plans and hopes, and I certainly will never stop pursuing them.

This morning, I had the pleasure of joining Mom at her Sunday service that takes place in their activity room. A very sweet lady from St. Thomas More came to lead the service and pass out communion. About fifteen residents attended, most shuffling in behind their walkers, but determined to recite prayers, sing hymns, and give thanks. I certainly admire their faith and commitment.

I’ve been staying with my mom for a couple of weeks now, and the seniors here are very inspirational. Mom is one of the most loved little ladies at The Greens. Everyone knows and loves Trini, and a lot of her friends have come to know and love me, too. (The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree… We are both nuts…sing show tunes…and do arts and crafts.)

I’ve missed my senior art group back in McKinney, but I’ve had the opportunity to share a few artsy-craftsy projects with Mom’s friends. They really enjoy my funny stories, off key singing and art demos.

We’ve been making notecards.





Life is all about sharing, loving, and dreaming. May you always have dreams to pursue, and may all your dreams come true…and NEVER GROW OLD!

Wednesday Words of Wisdom

26 Sep

The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.
Paul Valery
Sometimes I’m not sure if I am awake or dreaming. So, I guess all I can do is live a good dream and not worry about it. Very philosophical, isn’t it?

In my dreams, I hope to write my best selling book and have my artwork and hand-painted glassware become very sought after. That’s a good dream! Don’t wake me up!


Theme Song Thursday:”Making Our Dreams Come True”

14 Mar

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight
Schemeel, schlemazel, Hasenfeff Inc
We’re gonna do it!

Give us any chance – we’ll take it
Read us any rule – we’ll break it
We’re gonna make our dreams come true….
Doin’ it our way

Nothin’s gonna turn us back now
Straight ahead and on the track now
We’re gonna make our dreams come true…
Doin’ it our way

There is nothing we won’t try
Never heard the word impossible
This time there’s no stopping us
We’re gonna do it

On your mark, get set and go now
Got a dream and we just know now
We’re gonna make our dream come true
And we’ll do it our way – yes our way
Make all our dreams come true
And do it our way – yes our way
Make all our dreams come true
For me and you


Music is wonderful! There’s a theme song for just about everything. Today was a very fun day in little ol’ McKinney. I went to the monthly Art Club of McKinney meeting after meeting a dear friend at Starbucks this morning. More fun and friendship, with a little dose of art. Then a few of us stopped for lunch at Snug on the Square, our favorite place to go.

Snug is one of those special places. The minute you walk in the door, there’s a special ambience, an electricity of friendship and family. There are hundreds of regulars and locals who think of Snug as their special place. Hey, it’s MY special place! Sandra, the perky pint-sized owner, had a dream of creating a cozy little coffee/cafe shop on the Square, where everyone who walks in the door becomes family. Well, she and her wonderful staff made that dream come true.

When I was thinking about my theme song for today, I thought how perfect. Someone has taken a dream, did it her way, and is making her dreams come true. She also encourages others to make their dreams happen by promoting local artists and musicians. Here’s young Ryan Cline serenading us at lunch today.



What Dreams Are These?

6 Jan


What dreams are these in hidden haze
That haunt our nights and plague our days?
The morning sun relieves the night
Where endless darkness fills with light.
What dreams are these unveiled at dawn
To play the game or be the pawn?

Toni Andrukaits
Poem and painting