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Happy Easter Sunday:) Friends, Family and My Firefighters.

5 Apr

“The very first Easter taught us this: that life never ends and love never dies.”

~Kate McGahan


Easter Sunday is such a special day. It’s more than bunnies and colored eggs and baskets. It’s about faith, Resurrection, and the ultimate rebirth. I don’t have to bother with sharing the Sunday Sermon. Everyone knows what today is about. The tomb was empty.”He has risen.”

After watching Mass on my iPad, I proceeded to frost and pack up the zillion more cupcakes I baked late last night. Chocolate this time.

Almost finished. Some to take to the Murphy’s, some for some neighbors, and a whole bunch for my firefighter friends.
I was invited to spend Easter with the Murphy clan. I’m an unofficial/official member of the family.
Thank you Sherri and Michael!

When I got home, I frosted more cupcakes then made a few stops to visit my “peeps” at a few fire stations. Some were working a mandatory overtime double shift instead of being at home with their families. I really appreciate these fine men and women in blue.

I even had time for a walk before it got dark. I took a few more cupcakes nextdoor and then walked over a few blocks away to drop off a couple for Mr. Danny. He was so sweet. He called me this afternoon to wish me a Happy Easter and see if I was doing OK.

Family, good friends, and good neighbors. That’s what it’s all about. (Not to mention lots and lots of cute cupcakes.)

I finished the evening with a FaceTime call with my little girls and a 2 mile walk.

They opened all the Easter presents that Grandma sent them.

I am so blessed! Happy Easter my friends!