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Tuesday:) Toni’s Tip of the Day About Teasing

9 Aug

We have much to learn by studying nature and taking the time to tease out its secrets. ~David Suzuki


Teasing isn’t always a negative thing. Sure, sometimes people tease you about things that hurt your feelings, but I like positive teasing. I always tease my friends when they something like, “I’m making a pot roast for dinner.” I reply with, “I’ll be by around 7.” 

After our fun girls’ weekend at Crescent Moon Lodge, Sherri Murphy forgot to grab her hand painted wine glass that she worked on Saturday. The back seat was piled high with luggage,McCarthy, paints, a cooler, and various bags from shopping in Paris. (Yes, Paris…but Paris, TX)

When I got home, I realized that her beautiful wine glass was in my car. I texted that I could drop it at her house after 5:30 Mass. It was on the way home. She said that would be fine, and I said something like, “Then, I’ll be in time for dinner.” Sometimes I’ll tease her and text her asking, “Are you home? Sherri usually replies, “Yes, where are you?” Then, I giggle and say, “I’m in your driveway.” She walks to the front door and there I am.

Sunday, after church, I stopped by Sherri’s with her wine glass so she could show her husband, Michael, her adorable wine glass. They invited me in. There on the dinner table was a place setting of food waiting for me. They asked, “Aren’t you staying for dinner?” Holy cow! I was just teasing, BUT…I guess they thought I was serious. More likely, the Murphy’s are just extremely hospitable and generous folks. I’ll have to remember that trick next time I’m hungry, don’t feel like cooking, or run out of groceries at home. GOOD TIP!

Although I was teasing, Sherri sent me home with a plate of yummy ribs, roasted potatoes, a roll and a bunch of Rollo Candy pretzel snacks. (There were a lot more on the plate before. I have no idea where the rest went???)